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Project "Eliminator"

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13 hours ago, neohic said:

What made you go with MSD?


i've been wanting to for a while.  i've wanted a rev limiter because there are times where I get a little too throttle happy.  4 low with 5.13s and the motor gets to redline pretty quick.  

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2 minutes ago, 89eliminator said:

Are you stalking me? Lol

Here is a poser shot just for you d9111dd6de11b053f7a975140f28296a.jpg

Now thats what Ive been waiting for. Something I can use for background and aspire to good sir. Thanks. :grinyes:

Glad you finally came around to using the jeep. :driving:Looks good man. :L:

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Last time out I somehow broke the tcase rear output yoke and bent a shock shaft (separate occurrences) I’m still waiting on the replacement yoke to show up so in the meantime I put my new shocks on. We also welcomed our third child a month ago.

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On 9/13/2021 at 12:52 PM, DKA.Motorsports said:

have you been happy with how those rear lower links mount on the frame side?  kinda seems like those tubes hanging down could be rock anchors but hard to tell.  I'd love to see some more pics of how that is all set up from underneath.  


i'll snap some more pics after work.  those tubes are actually flush with the bottom of the unibody rail so i never really get hung up on them.  i've been happy with the whole setup.  

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On 8/11/2021 at 11:24 AM, Pete M said:

it's kinda funny to me that the 3rd kid is an afterthought on a build thread rather than the staring role in a Pub thread.  :D   congrats!  :beerchug:




This is too funny! Congratulations on the third bundle of joy.

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