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original 4.0L 6cyl, has 90 aw4 trans with 242 tcase. 90 dana 30 disconnect and original dana 35. has 6ft bed.

build date unknown. color is black on black

Rockland, Mass

daily driver

was originally a 2wd plain no option truck. truck sat for 8 years before i got my hands on it. now has 4x4 with full time optional. front skid plate soon for gas tank and tcase. Has aftermarket headlights, fog lights, clear coner lights with amber leds, full gauge package, floor shift with cloth bucket seats and full center console, liberty 16inch steel wheels with 225/75r16 kumho tires. upgraded steering system, throttlebody spacer, magna flow cat, thrush turbo muffler,upgraded cooling system from closed to open, tonneau cover, upgraded grille assembly to mid 90's look, upgraded windshield and windshield moulding to 98 cherokee style,upgraded brake booster and master to mid 90's cherokee style, floor lights, opening side vent windows, aftermarket radio and cb radio, 2 inch lift, prob more but can't think .



Current Owner.... ME! comanche.gif

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