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1992 Jeep Comanche



4.0L HO / AW4 / 231 / D30 / D35 / Long Bed


Build date: 9-91

Mileage: 195,000 miles


Current Location: Central Kansas


Status: This truck was my daily driver. It is now a project truck and not on the road as of 11/09.



Colorado Red exterior

- Had the factory "splash" decal

Gray interior

- Bench seat

- Carpeted floor

- Column Shift

- Upgraded to the full cluster

Rear 4-piece slider window


This truck suffers from major body rot, even though not obvious in the picture. It is currently under going a 99XJ conversion. "WHY?!?!" You may ask. The body needed to be brought down to the shell and the drivetain was tired. Not to mention a worn out interior and several cut wires in the wiring harness. You can follow by build by clicking "92 Comanche" in my signature below.


Current owner: I am the current owner

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