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Yes I did.


Comanchekid (top left)


And this beautiful 91 Auto with column shift:


I told him he should stop by, hopefully he does. I have a couple more shot of his rig too.


Both MJ's there in one shot:


You all missed out.

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hmm, we have a family wheeling and camping trip with 3 to 4 rigs planned that weekend and were debating between Liberty or Naches. If were there do we need to be signed up or anything? I assume trails are still open to anyone not connected to the fest? If so, can we register upon arrival or must we do it ahead of time?

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Its technically a red letter only event but each member is allowed a guest so my brother and I could get a couple rigs in if you want in on the event, or you could just go red letter.


There is a NW fest thread on NAXJA's main forum and a few threads in the NW Chapter area with more info.


Either way Naches will be open to anyone and you could probably even be in on most of the event, I'm just not sure about the BBQ and raffles and such.


It would be sweet to do some wheeling with you.

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Well, I talked to the guys and we don't want to deal with the crowds being were bringing the kids and such. So we are going to hit up Liberty. I will throw it on my schedule for next year and make it.

As for us wheeling, lets go. Hit me up in PM for my # and we will work out a trip. Reson46 and I also want to try and get out together. Lets try to make a MJ trip for later this summer!!!

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