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Pictures of Comanches with Toppers.

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On 4/2/2010 at 8:13 PM, tazjeeper said:

man I can not belive how many of you guys like caps on your trucks.... I hate them.. not the look of them but I can not stand driving a truck with a cap on it..

first thing I do to any mj I buy that has a cap is take it off and put it on the pile of others intill I can haul them to the Junk yard..

WOW I have to start selling them to you guys... all the ones I have had are in great shape and where made for Mjs....

I just bought a 90 long box today nad it has a highrise cap on it...

OK tazjeeper,

So who are the Manufacturers of the Toppers that you have??

I just may get out there to get one, but it has got to be the right one.

You said you have some that were made to fit the MJ Correctly. 

Hows about the List of them??

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Here is a Brahma that I picked up yesterday. I think it's a Comanche specific one but unsure. The roof height and cab angle lines up fantastically, but it could stand to be 35-50mm wider. It does have a 65mm wide "shelf" were it meets the bed which could be handy.IMG_20191231_154114.jpg.59e3c6fb6129cd280eddbe8f83a80f4d.jpgIMG_20191231_150602.jpg.8083106345fdabdbb117a616c1e9566d.jpgIMG_20191231_144828.jpg.bb3a585c051103eafca62e709359410f.jpgIMG_20191231_154137.jpg.709080d17409b75bc2cfed02a2a50bd8.jpgIMG_20191231_154147.jpg.9f67f48a29151c9a8058d10207af10b1.jpgIMG_20191231_154203.jpg.96de2defea84765f491b8b70cbdacb13.jpg




And here is the unknown brand camper I got from Blaine.D.IMG_20191109_110550.jpg.5dd84b0d3e7bdb755fffc567ce8e47d5.jpgIMG_20191109_110559.jpg.3aa93e94d5f035866fad4264d39645d1.jpgIMG_20191109_110615.jpg.f6a982aa5301d893a29c88a103b8054d.jpg

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Hey, I'm new to Comanches just got mine last week. Picked up a topper this weekend was listed as Comanche topper but after seeing pictures in this thread its looking like its an S10 topper. Brand is Ranch. 



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