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upcoming CC milestones

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how long has JU been online?


I believe since mid-2001...but don't hold me to that. It has had MANY different configurations, bulletin boards, etc.


I'm hoping to install new software soon. I'll have a dedicated MJ section on it as well, and will be glad to host any and all tech articles you guys want to give me.


Wait, are you the creator of JU?


Rob L.


No....that was Chris Henry. 4Wheel Drive Hardware bought JU from him in 2005 or something like that. I was asked to run it after the person they had running it was let go in 2006. It was run by a few people until I started at 4WD in November of 2007.

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What do you want to know?


Clearly we're being out-posted :D but I'd be curious as to how the breakdown of members goes. For example, the most prodigious 1.3% of posters here account for fully half the posts. I wonder if that scales up. :dunno: Is this just a case of our small group, or is this more like the bell curve, which can be applied to all sorts of things in the world. :smart:

That's normal. On another site where I serve as a moderator (not Jeep-related), I occasionally notice someone who may have been a member for four or five YEARS and has fewer than 10 posts to his account.


By the way, ladies and germs, as long as we are discussing milestones and the origins of the Comanche Club site, I think it's appropriate to remind y'all (or inform you, if you didn't know) that this forum is here for us ENTIRELY thanks to Pete M, who put it up on his own hook and who funds the server space/time out of the goodness of his heart. If it weren't for Pete, we would not have this site.


Thank you, Pete.

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I have only been here for few days,but I really like this club/forum,Looks like there are nice people and a lot of help and advice to new members .I do have two xj`s,one 67amc ambassador conv. and a suzuki sj. I have not learned to post photos yet,but if there are some who want to see ,you can se my homepage:http://

www.jeepambassador.comThank you everybody :D I learning a lot from this forums abouth my jeeps...please don`t kick on my spelling ,I don`t use your language every day :oops:

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