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1 hour ago, 89eliminator said:

you gonna add tube to that?

For now I need to add at least a harness bar, once the new seats are in I will see what I can do to beef up the rear hoop,eventually I want to beef it all up a bit and add an external halo over the cab.


It's a good start.

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More stuff trickled in, not sure how much I'm going to like the harnesses but I will give them a try.


Last night i ordered up some more tube for the seat belt bar and to X the back of the cage,I also got some gussets to add in places, the cage should be pretty sturdy.


Now I need my order from Corbeau to show up so I can figure out the placement of the X and seat belt bar.



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Took a month but the seats have arrived, now I can finish up the roll cage.

These are the seats I have been thinking for my truck. Have you put them in yet just to see how the fitment is? Are you using the stock MJ brackets or did you get the corbeau brackets?

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I haven't had a chance to mess with them yet, I had to make rails for my Dakota seats so for now the plan is to try to rework them to fit the Corbeau seats.

I looked at their brackets, seems people complain that they sit pretty high, I want to keep the seats low if I can.


Hopefully soon I can toss them in the truck so I can finish the cage work.

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I modified the rails from the Dakota seats and moved them over to the new seats.


I think I'm going work on the transmission tunnel and see if I can get them to sit a little lower, otherwise they are pretty much were they are going to be.



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