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My bumper build. Resizing a 71 ford f100 bumper for an 88 MJ

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Well, I decided that I didn't like my old flimsy stock bumper, and I had an old bumper from a hot rod project. I got a welder for Christmas and I was bored, so things clicked. here's my build.


here's the bumper. Outside width is 74'' wide, about 10'' wider than the stock MJ bumper. Most of that was the extra metal. The bumper brackets needed to be cut out and replaced. I needed to cut down the bumper a total of 5'' (2.5'' each side) to make it fit. It is made out of 1/8’’ and 3/8’’ plate steel. THIS WILL NOT BE A LOAD BEARING BUMPER. That is what ii have a trailer hitch for. Nothing will ever be connected to it.




Pictures of brackets





Test fits










Start to cut. I didn’t think about where I was cutting so I cut a little further in than I wanted. I guess I should have measured. Oh well.


here's one side cut.



I didn’t take pictures of the other side cut. I took 2.5 inches out of each side.







One side tacked back on.






This shows how far the bumper sits below the bed.





This shows the side where it will be bolted to the bed. I will use a rubber bushing on each side of the bed and a washer between it and the nut on the inside of the bed.



Other side tacked on.






I have a little bit of a gap in between where I cut. My sawzall skills are lacking. I’m using the metal that I cut out of the bumper for form “straps” over the gaps, then welding that on the outside and inside.






That’s my rear bumper build, Hope ya’ll liked reading it.







I also cut my front bumper at an angle like just about everyone else. here's pics.




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Well as promised, here are some painted pics.


I decided to get rid of the metal piece that stock up infront of the tailgate. Somethings gonna go there eventually.



It really doesn't stick out THAT far.


I made it so that the sides that wrap around stick out about even with the stock flares.


It hangs down about an inch or less below the body. I tried to tuck it up as far as I could.

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The earlier pictures I thought it stuck out too far on the sides and I probably would have cut the bed (both those corners are junk on mine anyway) to suck the bumper in another 1" or so each side.


But painted black made it look less somehow.


I plan to make my own rear bumper some time this year, kinda like the JCR or $500MJ bumpers, but with sides that extend forward towards the rear wheels.

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