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Found 6 results

  1. This is a project that has been sat on for quite a while. It was purchased 3 years ago with 280k miles, A blown engine, and rotted out floors and rockers. When I was 16 I stripped the whole interior, cut the rot out of the rockers, put all the parts I need in random places and then just lost interest in it for a while. fast forward 2 years and I finally get the motivation to work on it again so I don’t have to daily the 60k mile survivor MJ in the New England salt land. The engine came out of 2001 XJ That rolled over and was then purchased by my dad in 2003 to be used as a parts truck for his MJ. The 01 Motor sat under a bench for 19 years and fired right up and runs great with a little seafoam in the oil to clean things up. The transmission and t-case came out of my dads old 98 2dr that rotted apart on us and got cut into pieces by us. Rip 98 2dr the rest is being saved for a future trailer build Old engine out The one ton crane from harbor freight doesn’t lift high enough to get the engine+trans out with the header in place New engine in
  2. iv'e got a 4 cyl 86 jeep comanche and I'm wondering if a Cherokee engine will bolt in or do i need new mounts? would like to upgrade to 6 cyl. thanks if you could help.:)
  3. Saw this 91 Comanche for sale near me and I'm pretty tempted to buy it. Seems a little high and the rust/odo (estimates at 67k) worries me, but seems like a pretty nice rig otherwise and 4x4s go for a premium up here. Price has dropped to $6500 with room to barter. What do you all think? http://jeepcomancheforsale.com/1991-pioneer-ax15np231d44-anchorage-ak/
  4. Well I've been daily driving my 86 for about a year now and haven't posted much about, because I haven't done much except get the dog of a motor running right. It is the 2.8 and I'm pretty sure everyone on this site hates that motor just like me. I only bought the truck because the body, frame, interior and everything else is straight on the truck. Just a horrible drivetrain that will be gone in the future anyways. Question is I have a dana 44 and np231 that is on my other Comanche. Mine is an auto with the np207 and 4 low grinds when engaged. Can I swap a np231 that came from a 5 speed on it? Also is the axle swap from a dana 35 to a 44 pretty straight forward? I will most likely swap a 4.0 HO and auto tranny when I get a new daily driver. I will throw some pics up of my 86.
  5. For those of y'all who may be interested, I discovered something interesting on RockAuto when searching for a rear brake line for my MJ (which will soon be lifted, Ford 8.8, SOA swap). If you search for a '99 Cherokee (may work for other years that came with an C8.25, IDK), you'll find that they offer a Dorman rear hose that is longer by a full four inches to accommodate a "raised suspension". I think this is awesome, personally. Here's the direct link should any of y'all decide to purchase: DORMAN H622067 - RockAuto.com
  6. I finally broke down and bought the Rustys 6.5 liftI brought this bad boy home for $800 bucks. A 20 minute drives a lot better than a 5 hour drive one way to find out that there's holes in the floorboards. Sslowly it came together Boyfriend got me a new bumper for Christmas :D. Back to the barn for the winter...... There is a lot more to go with this truck but ill keep updating.
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