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  1. Looking to change my 5 speed to an automatic, I'm thinking the AW4 will work. Has anyone swapped these, I know a lot of swaps go from automatic to manual, I've had so many issues with the internal slave that I've decided to go with an automatic. Thanks and love this site!!!
  2. Ok so if you own an XJ Wagoneer, or have an XJ Wagoneer grill on your XJ or MJ like I do, you probably know that the top 2 lights are your low beams, and the bottom 2 are your high beams. This will tell you how to make only the top 2 low beams come on with low beams, but all 4 come on with high beams. Low Beams: Factory High Beams: After the Swap's High Beams: You will need: -3 relays -14 gauge wire (I recommend black, red, white, and green, to match the factory wiring) -Spade connectors -Wire crimpers -Wire strippers Here is a wiring diagram that my dad drew up: Sta
  3. Hello friends. Jess here from Placerville, CA. I've been lurking around here for several years and have been so grateful to have such a fantastic resource. You guys rock! I can only hope to one day return the favor and give useful advice to someone in need. I don't have the technical knowledge many of you have and this certainly won't be the end-all AX15 swap thread but I figured I share my experience and if it helped someone out, awesome! First of all, there is a lot of posts about the AX15 - If you can't find what you need here on CC there is a lot of other AX15 swap threads out there, I
  4. I got a 2000 XJ as my first car, I bought it from my neighbor who had served in the marines stationed on the Hawaiian islands. Three years later, after spending endless time, money, sweat, and blood on it. Someone rear-ended me, totaled the Jeep and bent the uni-frame out of shape. I had always liked comanches and cherokees, so I decided I would find an MJ to transfer my XJ's heart, soul, and skin on to. I found a 1989 Eliminator in Lake Havasu City, Arizona with 130,000 miles, rust free, and a clean title. It was too good to let go. After an 8 hour drive through a ton of desert and Las vegas
  5. Alright so I just got a 89 Comanche 4.0 5spd 2wd. been working on getting everything going so I can get it on the road and on to being my DD. Wasn't running when I got it and Cruiser54s tips helped tremendously in getting it going, so thank you for that. I'm now on to getting all the lights to work. The person that had it before did an AX15 swap but did not bother to wire up the reverse switch. so i'm needing a little help with the wire colors and locations to get it going. I've tried searching around to find the right diagram but seem to be getting conflicting answers. when I probe the connec
  6. Okay, I recently purchased a 1986 MJ. I for my own personal reasons have decided that I want to do the 97+ grille swap. Has anyone here done the 97+ grille swap on a 1986? If so, what is involved in making the swap? What parts should I grab off of the 97+ donor? Any help would be appreciated. thanks!
  7. Hi guys, I'm new to this forum so sorry if this has already been covered/asked elsewhere in these forums, but I'm still kinda learning how to navigate. But anyways I've got a 1992 4x4 cherokee loredo, and am in the market looking for a comanche, and I've came across quite a few comanches, but they are all pre-1991 and was wondering what would need to be done (modifications, fabrications, etc) and how hard it would be to swap in EVERYTHING from the cherokee (wiring, harnesses, transmission, t-case, H.O. motor) into the comanche?
  8. Hi, Still want to swap tires for an MJ. 'I'm near Charlotte, and can travel a distance. Don't need a highboy built for offroad. , 4cyl/6cyl, 2wd or 4wd is good. More for street use without needing alot of mechanical work. Let me know what size/quantity of new tires you need for the MJ. Thanks
  9. Is there anyway I could swap dodge tow mirrors on my 92 mj? I know its been done on rangers so I'm just curious.
  10. Alright i have a 1992 comanche eliminator and i was just wondering what gears i have in there and what gears i could put in there to give it more balls.
  11. So I bought this Comanche about a year ago, after a long day of wheeling maybe 6 months ago the rusty unibody cracked. I have begun restoring the jeep and have plans for a whole frame build.
  12. Hey guys so as some of you have checked out my build thread, I have an '06 engine of a TJ on my MJ, and the PO either did not want to struggle with adapting and finding stuff for keeping the HO intake manifold, or (what I think happened) he probably bought a wrecked/salvaged TJ and the original manifold was probably cracked so he just installed the old renix on it to get it running. Anyways, I already got me a new set of Headers, and the HO intake manifold and of-course bolted right on, but the only doubt I have is that on the old Renix fuel rails it had what I think is a Fuel Pressure
  13. Will a I-6 and auto tranny from a 2006 LJ work in my '87 MJ? I'm told there might be some electronic concerns that would make it a pain. Have any of you performed this swap? Thanks, Doug
  14. Good morning everyone. So I am new to the Comanche club however I have been following the forums for quite some time now. I came by two comanches very cheap however 1 has a damaged frame and the other one has a blown 2.5 so I will be swapping the 4.0 and driveling into the 2.5. Now the trucks are as follows. 1988 swb comanche with 2.5l 2wd dana 35.not sure what transmission havent checked. 4 speed stick. Aside from engine truck is in great shape. 1989 (11 month) lwb comanche with 4.0l ax15 np231 and a dana 35 out back dana 30 front. This truck is in really bad shape frame and body wi
  15. As many of you know the peugot tranny(AX-5) that came in the renix style MJs is pretty embarassing. I was wondering if anyone knows how big of a deal swapping an AX-15 would be. I have one laying around with low miles mated to a np231. My jeep is an 88 MJ with the 4.0.
  16. Title says it. lookin for a diesel instrument panel for a xj or MJ platform. Must be from a diesel, and I would like one with a tach. Ill take any year up to 1996. I need this to finish off my diesel conversion, hoping some guys on the other side of the pond can supply me.
  17. Hi everybody!!! I'm new here and just thought I'd ask a question. I've searched everywhere but I cannot find a build log of someone putting a diesel Renault into a non diesel Comanche :???: I've been around the jeep scene for awhile now and I know people put a 4bt in them but nothing else :hmm: I searched this AWESOME forum and google but I found nothing. I imagine it would be easier just to find a diesel one but I've searched all north america and nothing (I'm Canadian eh). Just want you opinions on this topic. I know a few people on here have a diesel, hoping they will pop in to say hi
  18. I have a 92 MJ L6 4.0 5speed with the internal slave cylinder, I’ve been told and read up on this and other forums as much I could about this swap and think I have a good understanding of the process. My question is, I have a friend looking to get rid of his 96 Dodge Dakota, from what I know it has the same AX15 transmission with the external slave, however it has a 4L engine, does anyone have any information if this will still be a bolt on fit for the bellhousing? Also, when replacing the clutch would I purchase one for a 92 or does it need to be a 96 for the updated parts? Thanks for
  19. Hi guys, I've read the forums for a few years, but I haven't posted before. I'm in the middle of an engine & transmission swap in my 89 2 wheel drive pioneer mj, longbed. It came with a ba-10 from the factory and I'm upgrading it to an Aw-4. The original I-6 seized and I swapped in a 87 I-6. I have the new trans & engine in the truck now. Just have to connect everything up + buy some misc parts for the auto conversion. :wrench: Then I can crank it over and see how it sounds. :driving: I have a question about the speed sensor. Any advice appreciated. This: My Aw
  20. I'm doing a 1.8l Isuzu diesel to my 89 mj and I wanted to know if anyone Knew ware to get an adapter plate made/bought so it bolts to my transmission
  21. Hey guys, I was wondering if I could take a 1985 AM207 off an automatic cherokee, and put in on either a 1990 ax-15 (and if possible, is it worth it), or on a 1987 pukey. Also, if it could be done, and is worth it (meaning it's not a POS), would I have to change DS length? Thx guys. Oh, PS, how do you tell what year a transmission is? Thx
  22. Hi guys, so here's the deal. I have a 1990 AX15 with a bad NP231 (chain broke, cracked the case, etc). I also have a 1987 BA10 with a good NP231, but the tranny itself is bad. So, what does it take to put the good NP231 from the French POS onto the good AX15?
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