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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I recently purchased a 1990 Comanche 4.0 5spd The knock originates around the lower rear end of the engine block and bell housing, I can't tell for certain if its the engine block or bell housing. The knocking sound starts pretty much as soon at the engine starts, even on cold starts. Oil pressure when cold hovers a bit above 40 and as the engine warms up it lowers below 40 (around 30). The knocking seems to quite down a bit when warmed up but with that said it doesn't go away. The knock has a direct correlation to engine RPM, that seems to mellow at higher rpm. Please
  2. Hey guys, I have a 1990 Jeep Cherokee Sport, 4x4, 4.0, 5spd that has a light knock. Its crankcase breather thingie was rotten so I got a new one and installed it, and when I did I noticed that inside at that point, there was a serious buildup of sludge. Looked like someone took some rubber and oil and blended them together and poured it in. How might I get rid of this? Pour seafoam in that hole? In the oil? Will it actually get high enough to clean that out? And last, even if it does get up in there and cleans it out, I'm seriously worried about it doing more damage to the engine than it's wor
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