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  1. In this topic you will read about what I have done so far with my 1989 Jeep Comanche Eliminator Edition. I am simply making this topic because I like to read what other people have done and what their experiences are so I can learn from them. So if you have any questions or comments about what I have done let me know! I HAVE PICTURES!! :rotfl2: I bought it with 32,000 original miles. Exhaust----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Flowmaster Delta Ser
  2. Usafmikejr

    Wtb Comanche

    I'm located in FL and I'm looking for a MJ but can't find one. Any helped would be awesome. I checked the classifieds and nothing I'm willing to buy but I'd rather trade my xj. If anyone has anything you can text me at 352 817 6963 or email me at usafmikejr@live.com
  3. Am I crazy for thinking about buying this Comanche? http://fayar.craigslist.org/cto/4476240457.html It looks awesome to me and worth the money, imho. I'm moving down that way and I'm tempted to buy it. The MJ I had last year was nothing like this one and my Cherokee is nothing like it either.
  4. eBay auction, NO ASKING PRICE. NO RESERVE. Located in MICHIGAN, however USPS goes everywhere except Ted Bundy's house. Very good condition matched pair, no cracks of chips, mounting ears great, includes bulb bases and gaskets. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1989-Jeep-Comanche-MJ-Tail-Light-Lens-matched-pair-with-light-bases-and-gaskets-/261488109645?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3ce1e7e84d&vxp=mtr Thank you for looking.
  5. ok this is bothering me really bad and i need to know does anyone know what the support rail is on the floor of the comanche that runs right over top the frame rail? and if i can buy a new one please help
  6. Mjobession

    Mj Wanted

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a Mj any year with these requirements. I'm in Ontario in a border city, right where the great lakes come together. I am willing to travel but I don't feel like driving 7 hours...... Central Michigan is pretty much as far as I want to go. I hope I'm not asking for to much so far ;) 2.5 or 4.0 (preferably) 2wd or 4wd Auto or manual does not matter but please no pukeagoat Long box As little rust as possible please (I hate salty roads) :fs2: Some rust is ok but I do like rocker panels and cab corners so some of you guys can probably catch my drift..
  7. moparman82

    Mj Wanted

    I am looking for a Comanche. As of right now I have a 2001 xj and have always wanted an MJ but due to going to college and paying for it all by myself its hard. I would like to find a 87-91 Mj with a 4.0 and AX-15 4 wheel drive. Preferably drivable miles don't matter. I appreciate everyone's help.
  8. I'm looking for TAN interior plactics for my comanche. if anyone is willing to sell them I'm would be glad to buy. need to be in good condition. plactics behind driver and passenger side where the seat belts are. thanks. brady
  9. how hard is it to replace my floor pans and rocker panels myself instead of paying someone to do it. has anyone ever done it before? thanks
  10. Hello! So my '87 MJ sportruck had a slew of issues last summer and has been sitting in my drive way ever since. Right now it won't go into gear, so I'm assuming the clutch needs to be replaced (hopefully not the entire trans, I'll start with the clutch and go from there) I have the new clutch, but I don't know how to replace it exactly, I used to have a link to a DIY tutorial, but can't seem to find it anymore. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! :) Ciao, Ian 1987 Comanche Sportruck, 5 speed. 4.0L inline 6
  11. Hey guys i have been a jeep owner for quite awhile ive one wj and 2 xj s I'm new to the mj but i love it so far plan to make it a drift truck/ drag since its 2wd here's what i plan to do Convert rear suspension to independent Weld diff Mpfi conversion Cai Exhaust here's what ive got goin on so far Drove it from seattle died out dead cell battery Replaced battery and terminals wouldnt start Full throttled it got it to sputter and die out replaced fuel filter cap rotor wires plugs now runs under throttle Un hooked vacume line that ran from some sensor by the vapor jug now hold
  12. hey guys i am looking at getting a 3 in rough country lift for my comanche and i wanted to know if i should buy extended brake lines bc i want to replace them anyway. does anyone have a preference of whom they get it from and or what size. thanks brady
  13. Hey guys i just bought my 2nd MJ on thursday. it was in pretty rough shape. but I'm planning on getting it back to the beauty she should me. i just got a few questions it needs a new steering column and doors and driver fender. i was wondering if i can get it all donated from an XJ around the same year. from what i can find i don't see why not and if any of you have done it before that would be great to hear some advice on the steering column. Thanks Brady
  14. I'm located in the lockhaven area of Pennsylvania and I'm looking to buy a jeep Comanche. I'm having trouble finding any for sale around here. doesn't have to be in great condition. if you have one for sale please reply to this post and shoot me a price. thank you.
  15. I know this has been brought up before, and I have looked over those threads, both successes and failures, but I want to do it a little different. I want to take a cherokee (2000 model) and basically cut it off right around the center of the rear axle. (I do not wish to change the wheel base of the xj) And take a lwb comanche and cut it over the center of the rear axle and use from that portion back. From my preliminary evaluation it looks like the "frame rails" (I know its unibody and the rails will have to be fabbed) will line up reasonably well. If I play my cards right I shoul
  16. Hello all, I'm looking for a Jeep Comanche 89 - 92 with the 4.0 and a 5 speed. Ideally located within a few hours of PA. Let me know what you have, Thanks.
  17. Hello all, Popping in to say hello. I recently acquired a comanche. its as follows 1987 (not sure of trim) metric ton 7 foot bed extra capacity fuel tank 4x4 (need to work on) bucket swap (this is still a work in progress because the bench brackets were rusted out so attaching new seats from a cherokee sport by drilling new holes and using grade 8 bolts washers and nuts). thats about what I know at the moment, according to one of my buddies this particular setup is supposedly rare to find (I'll let you guys tell me the truth of it). I'm in the middle of repainting it and a few ot
  18. He guys, I'm looking to find a gauge cluster with working gauges and a tachometer to swap into my 88' MJ. The JYs around here suck so if anyone is around a pick'n'pull and can find an XJ or MJ with one that would be awesome. Please let me know. Thanks, Brett
  19. Hey Guys, So I just got my self a new (to me) Comanche and it seems as though I have a lot of work to do on it. It's my very first Jeep, but not my very first project car. I am however lost on the how-to's on fixing her up, building and maintaining a Jeep since my previous cars were Acuras and Hondas. Any help or advice on where to look would be much appreciated. I have been scouring the forums and have seen some cool write-ups an project trucks. Anyways lets get down to it. Details: 1988 Comanche (Don't know which trim level) 4.0L Inline 6 5-spd Manual SWB Images: Front
  20. I bought a 1986 jeep comanche 2.5l 4 cylinder custom edition 4x4 with a long bed from a family that had it on there farm. The truck has only 45,000 origional miles there is barely any rust on the body but there was a fender bender on the back left tail light and the sockets are dry rotted. The engine leaks oil i can see it burning on the exhaust where it comes out of the manifold and i think its possibly leaking transmission fluid. The dash lights don't work but the headlights work and it runs strong. I payed 400 dollars for the truck did i get a good deal? how much is the limit as to what i
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