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  1. So the belts on my 86 Mj are dry-rotted, and I'm in need of some new ones. Problem is, I have too many options. Unfortunately I'm using my phone at the moment so I have no way to upload pictures, but I need the one that has the grooves in it, I belive it's called the v belt. I'm probably wrong on that though. I also need the smooth one. Rockauto has belts for my truck, but some day with ac, others say without and I don't know which ones I need. My truck does have factory ac, power steering, etc. Problem is, I don't know which belt is supposed to power what. Any help?
  2. I noticed a few days ago my brake lights have not been working for some reason. But I have taillights or running lights (whichever you prefer) and they are nice and bright. I have been over the sockets in the back before I had inspection a 6 months ago and cleaned them all up to make sure I was getting good connections. they worked really nice up until a few days ago. I only know they stopped working because I always check to make sure they work when I'm driving down the road. not sure why I do that but you never know what weird stuff happens in a Comanche. Anyway hopefully someone can point m
  3. https://muncie.craigslist.org/wan/5395928811.html
  4. Well, this is my intro post and the start of my build thread. My name is Brent and I'm a jeepaholic. I'm not new to jeeps as this is my 3rd that I've owned and the 4th in the family. First jeep was owned by my father back in the early 2000's. It was a 1992 XJ 2wd 4door. It had around 250,000 miles when the speedo quit, therefor the odometer stopped working and we had no idea how many miles it actually had after that. We kept it for a while then regretfully sold it. Second jeep was a 1999 XJ 4wd 4door. I still have this one, it's my crawler/trail beater/trailer queen. I'll post more about it la
  5. I'm in search for solid vent/ wing windows for my jeep comanche. My current moveable vent/ wing windows leak. I'm willing to trade or sell my moveable windows for a solid. PM me if you are interested in helping me!
  6. Found these on JCW in some searching for rear leafs. http://www.jcwhitney.com/crown-automotive-jeep-leaf-springs/p2005969.jcwx?filterid=d1169y1988g2j1 Any body know if these are correct for an MJ? I know that people will say, "you get what you pay for" and "go with something better quality", etc. If I had the money money for Hell Creek leafs, I would do that. But I do not. Hopefully picking up an additional set of MJ leafs to "build my own" set. But if these crown ones are legit, I'd consider buying a set. Amazon has them for cheaper than JCW, so I will most likely go that route if I do e
  7. I'm know sometime, somewhere, that this has been discussed. But, in a quick search on here did not find much of anything. Anyways, I know lots have said that Bosch is not what it used to be, and can have it's issues. Many say NTK is good, especially for Renix. That said, I found a couple of options on amazon. I will also check and see what I can get at work. I found an AC Delco and an NTK. price difference about $10. IF the NTK is the best bet I have no issue sending that extra $. Hoping that there will be some educated responses and feedback. Thank you for looking. ACD 213-12
  8. I was browsing CL for parts for my rally car project and searched for "Comanche" out of habit. No results in my area, but the "Local" results showed a thread with a hitch listed for an 88. I emailed the guy and he replied back, so after a few phone calls and a delay due to Sandy, I went yesterday to pick it up. He was not there but had left it in the back of his truck and I left the cash for him. After getting home, I compared it to pictures on here and on the open internet and it looks WAY off, but he assured me that he pulled it himself from an '88 longbed. He had lots of other MJ parts
  9. It's been a while since I have posted here. I guess it is about time to start this build thread with all the questions we have been getting. It started with us getting 2 Jeep Comanche MJs from a guy in a local 4by club. Both were in pretty sad shape at the time. One we rebuilt and the other we made into a trailer. We have since sold the trailer to help finance the rest of this build. More specs to come as the build progresses.. We did the first stage of the build a few years ago with the help of some amazing companies. Worked as a parts getter and did some great wheeling w
  10. I have a 1989 MJ long bed 4.0 2wd with a 5 speed soon to be 4wd. I was at the junk yard checking out 2 MJ trucks for parts (tail lights where gone of course) and one of them is a 91 or 92 because it has the injection module by the air cleaner and has the open cooling radiator system. It looks just like my 1995 XJ under the hood. I'm thinking of doing a fuel injection swap with wiring harness and all sensors throttle body etc. Couple of questions. Will I get more HP out of my 89 4.0? Are the injectors in the junk yard truck the 4 port ones that are talked about running smooth and get better mil
  11. I got a 2000 XJ as my first car, I bought it from my neighbor who had served in the marines stationed on the Hawaiian islands. Three years later, after spending endless time, money, sweat, and blood on it. Someone rear-ended me, totaled the Jeep and bent the uni-frame out of shape. I had always liked comanches and cherokees, so I decided I would find an MJ to transfer my XJ's heart, soul, and skin on to. I found a 1989 Eliminator in Lake Havasu City, Arizona with 130,000 miles, rust free, and a clean title. It was too good to let go. After an 8 hour drive through a ton of desert and Las vegas
  12. Looking for a complete tan interior for a MJ . Dash, seats,head liner, all trim panels and seat belts. Gabe 517 896 0020
  13. Have recently become a Comanche owner. Started two months ago. I'm up to 5 trucks with one more on the way as soon as I get one road worthy enough to go get it. My kid lost the keys to my Cherokee which has been my primary road tow vehicle with a tow dolly. Any way I have two trucks that have about one foot of insulation melted off of the ground cable back from the engine attach point. I'm puzzled by this because of the main ground cable from the battery going to the engine puts the biggest load from the starter directly in the proper current path. The insulation meting is coming from heat. It
  14. So, as some of you know, my MJ has a utility bed on it currently. Found out that it is partially welded to the frame, which is lame. Pics are in my build thread. I have a standard MJ bed on my project that I want to swap on, most likely. Or might even consider a flatbed of sorts. Anyways, for those of you who have done flat bed or other bed type swaps, what did you do for fuel tank mounting. I was thinking maybe just a couple pieces of steel running across the frame from side to side. Even if I swap a factory bed, I think it will make things easier overall. Thoughts, concerns, or constr
  15. Hey guys, New to the forums here - Glad to find a club specifically dedicated to these diamonds. For my 22nd birthday my dad bought me a 1988 Comanche 4x4 4.0 5 speed for $140 and some old rock sliders off of my XJ (Pavement Princess doesn't need them.) THE FUN STARTS HERE. Let's break down first impressions. She's missing the whole header panel and passenger side fender. The windshield is cracked. The seat is out of a Grand Caravan, and is secured to the floor with... nothing. It's resting on a piece of wood thats deck screwed into the pan. There is some god-awful form of make
  16. Can't cut/paste here, so go to Charlotte, NC craigslist; type in Comanche/owners in Auto section and it should pop up. Looks sturdy.............
  17. 90k miles (less than 100 on rebuild). No rust (faded paint) striaght Clean title I kind of like the fact that it has never been wheeling. I want to convert this bad boy to 4wd. I have never taken on a project like this. But I want to make this my project rig i'll work on for years to come. Not having worked on cars much, would I be getting myself in over my head to convert it to 4x4?
  18. Ok guys I've had my 88 comanche MJ for almost a year now I bout it without heat in it. My truck actually has a dash in it from like a 98 and there is no heater controls in it the vac lines and everything are there but no controls I phisicly have to get out of the truck and plug in a plug to turn my defroster on...but guys I'm looking for some heater controls with the vac line plug and electrical plug on the back just in case for my 88 comanche MJ I have no heat right now and hunting season starts in a couple weeks and I need to get this fixed so I don't freeze..something local would be great b
  19. Picture of my new 1988 comanche pioneer it has the inline 6 4.0 liter motor. it was originally metallic blue before the guy who owned before the guy i bought it from spray painted it black. Also the guy who had it before me broke the transfer case and got a differnt transmisson and a longer drive shaft for it. it just needs new wireing, tires, paint, tranmission transfer case and hopefully a new blue paint job and lift.
  20. Alright, so I'm new to the Comanche Club. I just picked up a POS 92' MJ with a 7' bed. Has the standard D30/D35 combo, 4.0, and a 5 speed manual trans. Needs a new crankshaft position sensor in order to run properly. I really want a dedicated vehicle just to take rock crawling, and I feel this is the perfect donor vehicle. I have a 2013 Jeep JK on 35's that I take to Rausch Creek Offroad Park (Tremont, PA), and it's also my DD. I can't afford to break anything serious, being as how I have no other vehicle to get to and from work. And I don't make a million dollars a year either, I just graduat
  21. Alright i have a 1992 comanche eliminator and i was just wondering what gears i have in there and what gears i could put in there to give it more balls.
  22. I recently purchased a 1989 MJ off of a friend of my stepdad. Has 47xxx original miles on it. 4.0 I-6, 5 speed manual, 4WD. 4" Lift, with tubular lower control arms, extended swaybar links, upgraded steering stabilizer, and dropped pitman arm. Front end out of a newer (97?) cherokee, completely rebuilt. Chrysler 8.25 rear end out of the same rig with the shock mounts and spring perches relocated to the top of the axle. Unfortunately it's got the Peugot trans instead of the AX-15, but I'll be swapping that out eventually. Has some minor rust on the bed, top of the frame under the drivers side r
  23. So I haven't been on here in ages but I've finally had a chance to poke around with my old MJ (1991 Pioneer that I did a motor swap with a 2000 wrangler) Both 4.0 HOs. Ran fine years ago when I parked her until I had a high dollar Viper alarm put on. Finally finished taking that off and trying to start her up and shake her down (last ran in 2009-2010) and successfully pull started her with tractor on first try (started wouldn't work until after running for a few minutes). My starter problem makes me think it's possibly the crank position sensor since it's an intermittent problem but I am certa
  24. I bought a rocker panel from c2c off the rock auto website and i just cut the old bad one off and i measured up the new one cut it to fit and i relized the profile is wrong. the body lines won't match up at all. they must have bent the metal wrong. has anyone run into this problem before and also what brand of rocker should i buy to get an exact replacement for? or what has worked for you and how did you fix it. Thanks Brady 1987 Jeep Comanche
  25. In this topic you will read about what I have done so far with my 1989 Jeep Comanche Eliminator Edition. I am simply making this topic because I like to read what other people have done and what their experiences are so I can learn from them. So if you have any questions or comments about what I have done let me know! I HAVE PICTURES!! :rotfl2: I bought it with 32,000 original miles. Exhaust----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Flowmaster Delta Ser
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