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Found 37 results

  1. Hey everyone, I've been lurking for a while but after today, I had a reason to register. I just purchased this 1986 Comanche 4x4 2.5L, 5 speed, for $1700.00. It seems to be in decent shape overall and it sounded good. The things I want to take care of right away, assuming nothing else comes up, are: Broken seat belt buckles Passenger's side mirror is held on by electrical tape Driver's side door does not lock Is there a site for ordering parts y'all would recommend? Anything else I should look into before driving it heavily? Thanks for all the help, this forum was great to read before buying. I almost ended up paying $3000 for an 86 with the 2.8L, glad I held out. I know the 2.5 isn't that great but I think it will be for my purposes.
  2. I have a 1986 jeep Comanche 2.5l custom just recently replaced the engine due to it taking a $#!& on me. The transmission has been leaking an did before the swap I replaced the front pump seal but it still is leaking. I have been told that the lines sometimes will gum up and I should have them flushed to see if that solves the problem. Where is the best and cheapest place to have a transmission flushed ( I live around State College Pennsylvania). I was thinking also about swapping out my what I believe is a TF 904 3-speed automatic transmission for some kind of standard transmission. If I did this what transmission should I swap with and how hard would it be to do a auto to standard swap?
  3. I have a 1986 Jeep Comanche 2.5L custom for sale or possible trade. I bought the truck 2 summers ago i believe and just got it on the road last summer. I have put about $2,300 give or take into it so far I replaced the engine when it blew up on me...i replaced the power steering hose which i need to replace again because it broke, replaced the front transmission seal brakes and multiple other things. The transmission still leaks a little but I think it just needs flushed. The truck has around 47k original miles on the body and around 100k on the engine the engine i put in it is out of a 1990 wrangler still the 2.5L. I would like to get around 3,000 out of but am negotiable and I am willing to trade for a car
  4. Hey guys i have been a jeep owner for quite awhile ive one wj and 2 xj s I'm new to the mj but i love it so far plan to make it a drift truck/ drag since its 2wd here's what i plan to do Convert rear suspension to independent Weld diff Mpfi conversion Cai Exhaust here's what ive got goin on so far Drove it from seattle died out dead cell battery Replaced battery and terminals wouldnt start Full throttled it got it to sputter and die out replaced fuel filter cap rotor wires plugs now runs under throttle Un hooked vacume line that ran from some sensor by the vapor jug now holds rough rough idle Drove the crap out of it drifting in dirt and now it runs fine still full throttle ti start what could this be?
  5. Hi guys, Is there a "molded" heater hose part for getting from the thermostat housing to the intake manifold? The non-molded heater hose is not the most "ideal fit", even with zip ties . Abrasion has created a pin-hole and it needs to be replaced. A nice molded hose would let me ditch the zipties (i hope). Engine: 2.5L 1987 2WD, manual trans. How it looks now:
  6. Hi guys, Happy new year! I know many of you are freezing, but down in Houston, this is the ideal time to get A/C installed for the ensuing brutality which is called summer. In need to picture of a 2.5L engine, with A/C. If you have one, please post. I need to verify the location, radiator hoses, A/C hose, etc. A picture will get me on my way. Thanks!
  7. I really would like to find a whole jeep with similar drive-train option I currently have making for easy swap. PM or post if east coast going to need to be shipped,trailed,ect. let me know what you guys got, thanks.
  8. I have for sale a working Jeep engine, transmission, 4WD transfer case, computer/ECU and wiring harnesses pulled from my '86 Comanche MJ Pickup. It started and ran great before I removed it from the truck. I'm swapping in a bigger engine and am no longer in need of this drivetrain. Included in this sale are the following: - AMC/Jeep 2.5L Inline 4 150ci engine, complete with accessories, every sensor and wiring harness intact and labeled for easy reinstallation - AX4 4 speed manual transmission with working clutch and slave cylinder, shifts great - NP207 "Command-Trac" 4WD transfer case - Original, all copper radiator with cap - Engine wiring harness and interior dash harness, fuse panel and so on - Renix Engine Control Unit (ECU)/Computer - Starter - Battery cables and clamps There are lots of goodies on this engine, including a brand new TPS sensor, brand new spark plugs, aluminum valve cover (swapped on from a newer 2.5L Cherokee), etc. For everything included, this is a steal. This will bolt right into another Jeep Comanche MJ, Jeep Cherokee XJ or Jeep Wrangler YJ. One of the most reliable engines Jeep ever put into their vehicles, right along side the Inline 6 4.0L. Here's a quick video showing the engine running the night I started the removal. Idles steady at about 850-900 rpm. Craigslist ad link: http://raleigh.craigslist.org/pts/4022037370.html
  9. I have to sell my Comanche since I can't drive stick. I'm asking $3,000 with everything I have for it. Will take offers with or without extra parts. There aren't many Comanches in Upstate NY, hence my price. Also interested in trades. Here is a copy of my Craigslist ad. 1988 Jeep Comanche with the 2.5L 4 Cylinder engine and AX4 4 speed manual transmission. 214k Original miles on odometer. Currently is 2WD. Equipped with a rare factory sunroof. Has surface rust on the body but not bad for NY. Following work has been done in the last few months: Brand new floor with bucket seats. Ignition and fluid tune up. New alternator and belt. New brakes all around. 2" lift all around with brand new shocks. 235/75R15 A/T tires on Jeep aluminum rims. New header panel. New tow mirrors Cobra CB radio. For full asking price I will include the following parts. Or will lower price and sell these separate: Lund Sun Visor (Rare Jeep part) Truck Tool Box Spare Tailgate New 235/75R15 Winterforce tires on Jeep steel rims Spare driver door Spare driver quarter panel Extra air box Extra A/C eliminator bracket Call or Text 315-955-0123. New price is $2000 for the MJ or $2500 with everything. or trade. Interested in trades such as Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler, Geo Metro, Geo Tracker, let me know if you have something else.
  10. go out to start my red jeep keep cranking it no start. check for fuel, spark and compression. have fuel, spark is weak, and low compression 1 ,2,3.having the coil and ICM check out tomarrow, but beside that what could be my issue? :hmm: 125K on the moter.
  11. I bought a 1986 jeep comanche 2.5l 4 cylinder custom edition 4x4 with a long bed from a family that had it on there farm. The truck has only 45,000 origional miles there is barely any rust on the body but there was a fender bender on the back left tail light and the sockets are dry rotted. The engine leaks oil i can see it burning on the exhaust where it comes out of the manifold and i think its possibly leaking transmission fluid. The dash lights don't work but the headlights work and it runs strong. I payed 400 dollars for the truck did i get a good deal? how much is the limit as to what i should put into it to get it inspected
  12. I have a 1988 Jeep Comanche 2.5L 4 cyl. 4x4. It has about 13X,XXX. The body is in excellent shape for the year. Very miner surface rust. Any questions email me or text me @ 740-703-9329. Link to crigslist for pictures: http://chillicothe.craigslist.org/cto/3262692709.html
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