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  1. Where are you located? My bench seat is in a base 89. I haven’t found any rips or tears, but it needs the foam replaced as it seems to sit kind of low. It’s the grey vinyl. I can post some pics when I get home in a few days. Are your seats grey?
  2. Great information, thanks! I’m hoping I can find seats from an MJ. If not, I think Krustyballer16 makes some brackets that will allow me to use XJ seats.
  3. Looking for a set of grey bucket seats from Comanche or Cherokee. Prefer Laredo buckets that tilt forward.
  4. I’m doing the Peugeot to AX15 conversion on an 88 SWB and 89 LWB. I’m assuming the Cherokee crossmember is the same as the Comanche.
  5. Is this a relatively simple swap if I get the brackets from donor vehicle? Did the floor change between 96-97? Same question for door panels and center console.
  6. Thanks! Pressure washed the new wheels yesterday and will get new tires when I install the new leafs and ACOS up front. Going to PA on Monday to get a Dana 44 for the rear.
  7. I’ve wanted to get one of these for the last several years, and just recently started looking around on various sites. This one is lacking 4WD and the AX15 transmission, but it’s a low mileage, rust-free, dent-free survivor so I went ahead and picked it up. So far, I’ve been able to purchase a later model AX15 2WD transmission, and today I ordered the General Spring 5/2 leaf springs with military wrap, JKS adjustable coil spacers and Skyjacker shocks. My goal is increased payload, better handling and better ground clearance. I’m planning to go with 31” tires and will adjust the front coils just enough to accommodate the larger tires. Tomorrow I’m picking up a set of the OEM turbine style wheels with center caps. I’ve seen different reports re: increased height with the General Springs. I’m hoping for 2”-2.5” in the rear and just enough up front to accommodate the larger tires. At 2”-3” of lift up front, will I need longer sway bar links or longer brake lines? Any other items I need to consider with just 2”-3” of lift? Is so, can anyone provide a source or part numbers? Thanks! Shane
  8. Thanks for confirming that. My 3:15 hr drive to get a donor 4x4 turned into 4:30 with rain and wrecks. Then after doing my walk around, I pop the hood and I’m staring at a 4 cylinder after confirming it was a 6, 😐😐😐😡😡😡. Now I have 3:15 hrs to get back home.
  9. Both, it’s good to have options 😁. Got my 2WD trans today and going to look at a 4x4 donor vehicle today.
  10. Thank you! There’s a local guy that specializes in Jeeps/Comanches. A transmission rebuild is way above my pay grade 😁.
  11. Can anyone recommend a place near Charlotte, NC to rebuild an AX15? Anyone near Charlotte with an external slave bell housing? Thanks, Shane
  12. I located an AX15 transmission to swap into my 89 2WD. The seller could only say that it came out of an XJ where the previous owner was upgrading to a 4x4 AX15. The seller does not know the year of this trans, or the year of the XJ it came out of. The current owner looked for numbers stamped on the case, but said he couldn’t locate any. Pic of trans below. What is different about a 2WD AX15 vs 4WD AX15 other than being bolted to a transfer case? I understand I will need a bell housing, AX15 crossmember/mounts and a bushing for the pilot bearing.
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