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  1. I used the search function and didn't find the answer, so here goes. Ordered a 3" spring pack from Hells Creek suspension. Staying Spring Under Axle. What height front lift would work to be level or slightly raked towards the front still? My go-to place for my XJ suspensions is DPG offroad and Dirk's awesome 3.5" OME kit. https://dpgoffroad.com/product/3-5-hd-ultimate-xj-old-man-emu-hybrid-kit/ Will this sit too high in front or should I go down to his 2.5" front kit? Plan is 31" tires and Napier fender flares. Jeep wil
  2. LWB 2.5L 4 cyl- only 75K miles 5 speed manual D35 rear Date sticker is unreadable Dark blue color California Car- just slight rust around windshield Currently runs- beginning the build project
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