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  1. I am pretty happy with it the rear around the speakers did not turn out as well as I wanted but overall I can't complain and it only cost 45 bucks to do.
  2. Been a while since I posted an update. Took it wheeling for the first time, did fairly well all things considered, other then one hard bottom at the bottom of a hill. Sold my Summer tires from my WRX and got a lift for it. Should have that installed in the next 2 months. Spent this weekend redoing the headliner pretty happy with how it turned out. Also wired up some pod lights I got for Christmas. Plan is lift installed, diy winch bumper, and lunchbox locker for the Dana 30 by the end of February. Also traded the WRX in for a 2014 JK so far pretty happy with that.
  3. So I thought I would throw this here to hopefully get some quick help. Repulled my dash on my Cherokee to look at the vacuum system and missed one line. Would that one line cause the whole system to fail?
  4. So one line was unplugged when I got the dash out. Would that one like not being hooked up cause the whole system to fail?
  5. It's supposed to be a feels of temp of 120ish here tomorrow so I'm pulling it in the attached garage with an ac unit and taking a stab at it.
  6. I haven't checked the actuators but I don't have a clicking noise I did check for a cracked canister and still nothing there. I unhooked and plugged the line to check it
  7. It's there for sure so I think its between that connection and the switch connection. I am more then likely going to have to pull the dash again its looking like.
  8. So not directly on a comanche but on my 99 Cherokee after it has gotten hot and you shut it off and start to go again. The first time it tries to go from 1st to 2nd it really surges and sputters and almost stalls. It only does it one time then it is fine. Untill the next time you shut it down and restart it. I know a lot of people have done swaps to modern 4 liters so any help would be great. It has new plugs, wires, cap, my thought was throttle body sensor, or maybe the MAP but since it will literally only do it once per cycle I have no idea.
  9. Well made some more progress on the jeep and have been driving it to work still have some weird problems that I could use some help with. When you first start it after it is warm it seems to have a very in the idle and the first time it goes to shift from 1st to 2nd it has a surge that will cause it to chug. I am thinking it may possibly be the throttle position sensor but was curious what anyone else thinks? I also still do not have use of the blower doors to change the position. I tracked through the engine and don't have any vacuum leaks so I'm wondering if it is something in the heater core? I am really stumped on that and would like to be able to direct the ac again so it isnt stuck on defrost lol.
  10. It's a 99 little rough around the edges but the local JY is having a 50% off sale this weekend so that should help me solve some of the body damage problems.
  11. Well I finally had time to pick her up from my parents house and drove it 170ish miles home. Ran like a top at 75 the whole way home. I for sure have a vacuum leak since its stuck on defrost only the cruise won't work either. Also might have a slight coolant leak I need to track down as well. First order of business is the vacuum leak and then get the rear hatch to open.
  12. She is all in for it.............although idk if she knows of all the plans in store for it lol. First is do basic maintenance and let my younger brother drive it to his senior year of high school for a couple weeks before I make the 120 mile trip home with it. 3" lift, 31s, 17" moab wrangler wheels, JCR bumpers, I will probably fab some rock sliders and cut out the rusty rockers. Plus a few HP mods along the way. My dad worked for Roush for years so if the motor goes ever it might be due for a crazy swap to match his 71' 440 dart.
  13. So I have wanted a Comanche for years now and I after getting married, getting a house, etc we finally got to a point that we had some money to buy one. However since my dream of getting a Comanche I got a wife and two dogs so that doesnt really work for a single cab truck as a camping/light wheeling rig. So I found this beaut. 500 Bucks guy bought it parked it in the back yard and went to replace the heater core and it wouldnt crank and no spark. So we drove through a snow storm to go look at it get there it isnt in awful shape for 500 bucks. I had assumed the NSS was the problem but wasnt sure. Talked with the guy he hands me the keys I hop in wiggle it in neutral and it rolls over and starts and ran beautifully. Thankfully the guy stuck by his word and still sold it to me for 500 bucks and I drove it on the dolly pulled the rear drive shaft and away we went. So its currently sitting at my parents house since it was close to them and my dad has a car lift in the barn seems like a good place to start. More to come in a few weeks when the boxes of parts get delivered and I have time to go back. So $500 running driving 150k mile loaded XJ project is a go.
  14. http://imgur.com/8yUPrmh
  15. Ya I will snap a few before I leave for work.
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