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  1. https://bollingermotors.com/bollinger-b1/ This truck has such an interesting design, I used to like the look a lot more... reminiscent of a brick.
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    Phase 1

    “Working out the kinks” - addressing structural issues (frame, body rust), steering and suspension, then electrical gremlins.
  3. Will do, thank you!
  4. 1987 Jeep Comanche 4.0 Litre / Auto / 4x4 / front D30 / rear D35 / LWB Build date: Sticker ripped out. Current Location: North Central Ohio I drive it to work a couple times a week and use it for projects. Notes: One of the owners sanded it down to paint but never did, so it’s got a nice patina and rust look going. After looking through the site for a couple months, some of the options on the truck seems like it’d be a Laredo. Vent windows, Honey interior with full dash and nicer original radio that still works! Cloth bucket
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