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  1. Yeah for sure. Idk why they are cutting it up it is a little ugly but full resto is great. Will be good when done though. I am mostly going to be using it as a toilet and shower because there won't be a place for me to sleep inside so pack a tent or a tarp I guess. Hopefully gonna take it down to moab for the takeover if the takeover happens. We'll see!

  2. I do but I am not giving mine to you. Kicking myself because I think there was a long bed skid on the gas tank on the comanche at the pick n pull 4 months ago I could be wrong though. also knocking you off the front

  3. So about 3 weeks ago my dad and his gf bought a 1998 25' airstream and named it moonbeam as well as a 2019 trd tundra to pull it as a replacement for the old 4runner (my dad is a teeyota guy). the owners bought it used it 2 times then parked it and it promptly became a home to a bunch of rats who like eating wiring so they got a good deal on it. so next to none of the wiring works trailer brakes included so that is priority number one. my dad has pulled off the 2 aluminum sheets underneath covered in rat poo and and today we pulled the tank plastic things to clean those and get at the wiring. My dads gf is going to mostly re model the interior witch includes from what I head pulling of the vinyl headlining thing to the bare aluminum, replace the carpet with black penny round lick and stick, and paint all the ugly wood panels grey or something. should be a nice little camper. 


    Ignore all the crappy pics and tools everywhere these where taken hastily today during a break. they have the back "bedroom" stripped to how its gonna be they are going to remove all that adhesive and kinda polish it. The entire interior needs to come out so this it a project for sure








  4. 4 minutes ago, MiNi Beast said:

    i need a picture guys of the gas tank skid if get a chance. I'm looking to add one if find one or make something of sorts. i have the bolts and nuts even but no skid. :sad2:

    you have a longbed right?

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