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  1. You can probably get 150 for them, people are really wanted them !
  2. How much for the lift
  3. Ive got my hands on a couple of comanches thats are 4wd what parts do i need to do a 4wd conversion on my 88 jeep comanche 4.0 v6 pioneer 2wd, thanks again guys for yalls feedback, can't wait to post the project on here ! Its a 5 speed transmission on original axles so i believe its the dana 35
  4. @beatcj whats your info, ill like to get it off your hands !
  5. I was wondering if a 1972 blazer/jimmy rear dana 44 will work and fit on my 88 jeep comanche 2wd
  6. I'm looking into getting a dana 44 rear axle install on my 88 jeep comanche pioneer 2wd, since I want to add a lift and some 33"s any recommendations on where I can buy a complete set or what jeeps and years can I possibly pull one out of. any feed back is good feedback thank yall ! Lastly, roughly how much would I be spending on the axle if I would have to regear it.
  7. @omega_rugal we can maybe ship with greyhound, much cheaper, if you’re up to it?
  8. I have a pair of bucket seats in my 88 comanche and would like to see if anyone wants to trade for a bench seat, I'm located in Dallas, Texas
  9. So I recently went to a junk yard and I saw a Comanche, so I started to dig for parts and I got some stuff that I have no clue what I got but it looked like it may come in handy in the long run, any clue on what I have, everything came out of a 91 comanche, thank y’all !
  10. Which axle do I have is it the Dana 35 or 44? And which is is better ? Thank y’all
  11. So I recently purchased my first Comanche and for the most part its still well kept other than interior like most 30 year old vehicles, like many, I started to buy parts for it like lights, mud flaps, etc. And I’ve never restored a car but I know basics and I can follow instructions well with that being said I went out and got me some 33” and was wondering whats a good “lift kit” for it, everyone says that rough country is trash, that’s better to put together one, but from Individual experience what has worked out for y’all, like I’ll like to know a complete set for maybe a 4-1/2 lift or 6 inch, thats won't break my pocket but willing to spend what is necessary. what would be better for a good city ride on 33 or is a man just dreaming ? 88 Comanche Pioneer 2wd 4.0 L 6 Cylinder wheels moto metal M0956 tires LT285/65 R18 125/122R
  12. Felix Brito

    1988 Jeep Comanche Pioneer 2wd

    I recently purchased my first Comanche and I’m pumped to see what I can restore it too, here's to new beginnings.
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