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  1. 1 hour ago, eaglescout526 said:

    One of my friends who is on here has an 86 with a 96 4.0L in it. Most will say you had to modify the firewall to make it fit. On his I didn't see any modification to the firewall. But it is doable.


    Looks like you got a really nice one. Do please post a build thread and post your VIN up in the registry and ill get you a build sheet.


  2. 1986 Comanche XLS

    2.8L V6 Manual 5 speed 4x4

    Grand Rapids, MI  USA


    Running, needs a tune up and a new master brake cylinder.  Has a leak that drips onto the fuse box.


    Bucket seats, stock red and tan interior, and a roll bar in the bed.  (Gonna take that off)


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