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  1. Because they also designing it and making it from the raw material. Why I chose them. They do it all 89 Comanche Eliminator 2wd 4.0L 5 speed PukeGoat Factory Original
  2. You do know codes are different in every jurisdiction right? My wind requirements are not the same as just a little west of me. I don't have to attach tethers like California requires. And yes my builder is engineering and certifying and registering the blue prints there are drawing with the county. They are saying this building can withstand 120mph sustained winds and not blow apart. They are a licensed contractor in the state and it is a requirement where I live. One county away it's not required. When I told the inspector office I was only building a small garage for my car, she said i
  3. tugboat95

    The Army

    I deal with the puddle pirates daily. I will buy a beer for The SAR guys anytime. I know when it hits the fan, them boys are gonna move heaven and earth to come get me off this forsaken hunk of floating steel or that 6 foot diameter liferaft in an angry sea. The rest of them I wouldn't piss on if they were on fire. The regulation and inspection people are morons. I love how a 20 year old kid from Iowa that's never seen the ocean til 6 months ago is gonna tell me how to do the job I've been doing for 30 years and grew up doing. I'm proud of my service and yes you will be defending our cou
  4. tugboat95

    The Army

    Keep working on your education. Use all the opportunities they provide. My service is dated.(the 80s) but even then in the USAF (which is generally high tech) you wouldn't rise higher than an E5 Without at least an Associates Degree. By E7 you had a Bachelor's and E8 to E9 you needed at least a Master's or even a PhD. If you didn't have this things you would not be allowed to reenlist. They pay for it...get it. 89 Comanche Eliminator 2wd 4.0L 5 speed PukeGoat Factory Original
  5. tugboat95

    The Army

    Good luck, I was USAF myself. Military will not only teach you a skill but discipline as well. One piece of advice., I have no idea what Cavalry 9D is. Learn a valuable skill for the civilian world. Like my Dad told me, Ain't much call for a tank driver in civilian life. He basically talked me out of being an ordnance fitter on an aircraft carrier. Don't many bombs on 737s. So I joined the Air Force as a Computer systems specialist. Point is look to your future as well. Combat medic, communications specialists etc. Learn a skill. Had a former Marine in my boot camp flight. I asked h
  6. Coming in off the street underground. Power company does it for free if it meets certain requirements. Neighbors shop was done for free. Meter will be on the building 89 Comanche Eliminator 2wd 4.0L 5 speed PukeGoat Factory Original
  7. Oh I have a generator....don't think it didn't cross my mind. 89 Comanche Eliminator 2wd 4.0L 5 speed PukeGoat Factory Original
  8. The builder provides and certifies them. Basically means The foundation will have footers not just a slab and The structure will be built to withstand the wind zone (120mph) requirement of my hurricane prone area. The county requires it of all permanent structures regardless of use. My original contract was for a metal building on a slab. No permits no footers etc. County got involved when the electrical company required a county inspection for the power supply. Also as part I have to have an Environmental impact assessment done by the county. To determine if my building will influence run
  9. Just starting a thread here chronicling my new garage build. This isn't going to be quite up to Garage Mahal's build thread. But it's mine none the less. I have big ideas for it, probably bigger than my wallet To start with , it will be a metal building. Foot print will be 24x36x12. With a 3500psi reinforced concrete slab with wire mesh embedded I it. 10×10 rollup garage door, a pedestrian door and one window on each side. It will have a 200 amp service with a separate meter from my house. Water will be provided by a gutter catchment system. This will not be for drinking, just to wash
  10. $8000. That would make a nice profit and give me some change for my next project. It's 2wd, it's not worth 8 grand. 89 Comanche Eliminator 2wd 4.0L 5 speed PukeGoat Factory Original
  11. Everything I own has a price. Comes down to How bad you want it. 89 Comanche Eliminator 2wd 4.0L 5 speed PukeGoat Factory Original
  12. Well I've told the wife a price. If her coworker wants it that bad, I'll sell it for that. (I wouldn't pay that for it!) 89 Comanche Eliminator 2wd 4.0L 5 speed PukeGoat Factory Original
  13. Yeah I found that radiator literally the night I installed the Spectre I have. But By then I was committed as I had bought all the parts. 89 Comanche Eliminator 2wd 4.0L 5 speed PukeGoat Factory Original
  14. So after trolling thru here and other Jeep sites I could not find out how or where to mount the overflow tank. Every video on YouTube ends with, "I'll figure out where to put this later." All the posts, videos etc say buy the tank Dorman 603-305. DO NOT BUY THIS tank. It won't fit anywhere on a Renix with the open Relay center. That is for a later year 4.0 with a redesigned relay center and OBD diagnostics. DO BUY Dorman 54002 engine coolant recovery tank. It's universal. It's snug but it fits where the original pressure tank was located. Remove old tank, bracket and the vacuum switc
  15. I've lived in coastal NC my whole life. Place I grew up on flooded 4 to 5 times a year. We lived in the Marsh on a creek. I've been cut off from the rest of the world more than once for up to a week. Hurricanes were just another part. We never called it prepping. We called it surviving. I grew up with Hurricane supplies being a normal thing. Every Spring we buy a few cases of water, batteries and such. At least 2 full propane bottles for the grill. Our freezer stays stocked. Little known fact, the first 3 to 5 days after a hurricane we eat really good. Gotta eat before it thaws. We h
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