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  1. You don't have a set of undamaged headlight bezels do you?
  2. Do you still have a set of amber side markers?
  3. JeepFo'Life

    rear bumper

    Thanks for the info. Guess I just assumed it was factory because it was on my truck when I bought it. Buuuuttt it's still available if needed.
  4. JeepFo'Life

    rear bumper

    I'm not to far from Springfield, just over the NY boarder and have a factory bumper if you're still in need.
  5. Not having any experience in vehicle related restorations, I did not understand the consequences of using these cleaners on the 33 year old plastic. I first brushed off all the loose dirt and grime with a toothbrush. Then sprayed them down with Super Strength Greased Lightning cleaner along with also using Tub O Towels Heavy Duty Cleaning wipes. During this time is when the lenses developed a chalk like film over them. Trying to remove it was a real pain. I soaked them in warm soapy water and rubbed them using a purple Scotch Bright sponge, didn't work. Then moved onto an Armor All head light cleaning kit, which also didn't work removing the film . Ultimately what did work in clearing up the lenses was another lense cleaner called Quality Aerosols Brite Lites. Then right before we applied the clear coat my father used commercial grade jeweler polish to buff the lenses. To do the trim, I just taped off the centers with painters tape and used Krylon Fusion All-in-One paint and primer matte black spray paint. Applied 3 or 4 coats. Then used Dupliā€¢Color Perfect Match Protective Clear Coat Finish. I truly believe the best way to clean the lenses before applying the paint would just be soapy water and some Windex. I hope this helps. Good Luck!!!
  6. Little update, as the truck inches closer and closer to hitting the street, I clear coated my project tail lights last week.
  7. Anyone know how difficult it is to find plate lamp covers or know of good quality replacements for the standard MJ rear bumper?
  8. As quickly as I could get the payment info through.... haha
  9. I had to show you guys my CHANCE eBay find this morning!!! Pumped and my wife just doesn't know or care to share my excitement, haha Not NOS, but looks pretty solid and only $150 for the pair!!!
  10. Hmmmm, I'd like to be able to reach out to the members who are close to me.
  11. Checked in. Noticed there's a few members really close. Question though, how do I search member's names through our site?
  12. Little update: All the major rust spots(holes) have been attended to thanks to my pops! Dropped both bumpers. Think I might replace the rear bumper with the Manta Ray plus side armor panels. Also removed the Jerry-rigged toolbox from the bed. We're all taped up and ready for primer! Then going to Rhino line the bed.
  13. Where in the world do all you guys find these NOS tail lights?!?!? $1k is a little out of my price range, but if there is a set of NOS black trim available I'd definitely be a player....
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