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  1. Searched Euramtec on Ebay and they popped right up - Ebay Item # 121059797132
  2. Sort of stows behind the seat - too long to lay flat, have to put it in there at an angle
  3. Seems like it is put together with quality materials - the rear bar and all three bows pop right off and you can rap the tonneau around them and stow behind the seat in just a couple minutes - makes using the full bed no problem. The frame is clamped to the rails so no--drill installation. Fit and finish is good - $299 shipped. Tailgate opens and closes with tonneau in place.
  4. Threw some tint on the windows - with no AC (yet) anything helps. The rear slider needs to be replaced, the passenger side window needs to come out and all the felts/slides need to be replaced so did not opt to spend the money yet for professional tint - used some of the static cling style rolls they have at LAPS - hard to get all the bubbles out, but no adhesive mess to deal with and can just take them off if necessary - should work as a temporary solution.
  5. Picked up a Tonneau cover from Downey Products - not sure how many companies make MJ specific Tonneau's, but this one is definitely made for the Comanche - 1" difference between the front & rear of bed in width - the bows also staggered to match the taper. Looks pretty good - shipped in a single box from Downey
  6. Shout out to Meanlemmons for the awesome cable set! Started the process of replacing the cables - did both the grounds off the battery which have been giving me trouble, replacing the stock one was straight forward, think I picked the wrong bolt for the second shorter lead - going to switch it from the bolt on the horizontal surface to the one on the vertical surface. Whole engine bay needs a lot of attention and clean up - still trying to figure out all the vacuum issues, the truck has factory cruise so it should have the football reservoir in the front bumper with 4 ports - there is one there, but it is the little round one with only 2 ports. The PO (or the PPO) cut the lines to that reservoir and threw a football shaped one (this one with only a single port) up on top of the motor - truck runs ok, but have no HVAC control - blower only comes through the defrost vents - usually a vacuum problem.
  7. That is one cool looking tj ^^^^^^^ really like the color choice - talked about doing something like that with the mj, but got overruled by wife - got take these battles one at a time.
  8. Which rattle can paint did you use for the bumper? Is that a semi-flat finish? Duplicolor Semi-Gloss Black
  9. Yeah, man I really liked how it looked on your truck - DIY Raptor has been getting a lot of good reviews, but not sure if I can block out enough time to do it right (prep is everything), going to get a quote on the Rhino and then weigh cost/benefit of having done vs. screwing it up myself.
  10. Duplicolor for the bumper - think it was semi gloss (or satin) - will check the can tonight.
  11. Sold the old tow vehicle - had this F150 for last 10 years, both kids learned to drive using this truck - took the abuse in stride. 1996 Ford F150 - straight 6, 5 spd - base model (no headliner or carpet, crank windows and manual locks) but it had A/C and dual tanks - not a Ford guy but that was a damn fine truck, hated to sell it but need 4x4 for getting in and out of some of the launches around here.
  12. Did a check run taking the boat down to the launch and back (did not launch) - truck really pulls the boat very well - didn't see speeds over 35mph as I had the canopy up on the boat, but this is going to be a nice set up. Have not wired up the trailer lights yet - going to do that in conjunction with all of Cruiser's tips on cleaning up the grounds and still have to swap out the factory cables with the set from Meanlemmons. Brakes are inadequate as they are for towing - they work fine, but need upgrade - going to do the booster upgrade out of a 95-96 XJ and see if that inspires a little more confidence.
  13. Using plastidip to on the badges & emblems - like the black n blue look on this rig. Thinking it might look good with the black molding back on after the paint hardens another couple weeks - maybe not, like how it looks now. Next up: bedliner - Rhino or Linex? (not of fan of the DIY bedliners - seen some ok ones, seen a lot of bad ones)
  14. Rattle can front bumper, grill and bezel Think I am going to plasti-dip all the emblems black and just go with the whole truck Black n Blue - maybe not the rims, not sure I want that look. Can see where the paint shop did a piss poor job buffing out the clear coat
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