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  1. Yep - that picture says it all - pretty sure that is the reservoir I am supposed to have, the one currently on the truck looks like that one, but only has a single fitting or port to attach vac lines to - the one in the picture has 4 - 2 at each end. Think I can get by with my single port one by tee-ing all the lines together for now? SC
  2. Copy - but the oblong one I have now has only one input port/fitting - the pictures show the factory one with multiple ports (for the two chambers) - I will look for a correct replacement, but for now, think it will work if I just tee all the lines together and run them into that single port? SC
  3. Hi, Fixing up a 1988 Pioneer LB 4x4 4.0 5 spd Truck is in pretty good shape, but need to correct a few issues: HVAC only blows to vents (suspect Vacuum leaks) CC not working (also suspect Vacuum leaks) Ordered the two Dorman vacuum harnesses - 46003 & 46004 but not sure those are going to fix this problem: PO threw a football/blimp reservoir up on top of the motor (see pic) which looks new, but I don't think it has enough ports - from what I have read in the threads and a few pictures, the one that should be in my truck has either two or four ports that lines go to..... Specifically trying to fix the HVAC thing first - there is one the small diameter hard vacuum lines running down toward where the factory reservoir was - it is broken off near the front of the compartment - am guessing that went to the reservoir along with the larger line that is now attached to the current reservoir. I think that may the line that controls the blend doors...can't find it on any schematic. Question: can I just use tees from Napa or wherever to bring all the correct lines to the current reservoir I have with just the one port (or fitting)? Or do I need to find and exact match to the original reservoir (which I do not have) with multiple ports and make sure each line goes to it's respective place? Appreciate any help. SC
  4. Ok, looks like PO just put a new reservoir in there trying to fix HVAC issues (only blows through defrost - had that happen on an Astro van and it was vacuum problems) - will look and see if the original reservoir is still down there. Windshield washer - thanks, that's on me never even checked to see if the washer worked. TPS connector - well this one is a manual so guess I know why it didn't make any difference plugging it.... Appreciated.
  5. Ok, Been driving the rig around for the last couple days - got a few issues going on..... Topped of the tank on the inaugural trip - parked it at a store for 20 minutes, came out and found fuel leaking under the tank......went home & siphoned 3 gallons out, got the leak to stop. Suspect the vent/rollover valves on top of the tank may be the issue - have not confirmed yet - have a 4 post lift (Amazon special) that we just set up in the garage got my Sierra on there now but will get the Jeep on there to take a close look at that tank. 2nd problem was next trip out - no start leaving the bank, no power to anything....I had read on here that on the Renix MJ's the grounds are an issue - so I popped the hood and started jiggling wires - couple of tugs on the battery cables got it to fire right up. Went home and took a closer look at the battery connections - the positive cable pulled right out of the terminal end! Replaced the terminal on the Positive lead and figured problem solved......wrong......no start again the next day, tugged on the neg lead off the battery and fired right up - so going to completely go over all of the grounds and cables and get this squared up. Now for pictures - got some questions about wtf is going on here..... This can't be the correct spot for the Vacuum accumulator? That tank supposed to be laying up there on top of the motor? Where is factory location for this tank? Next pic shows an unconnected Vac line on the Drivers side under the brake reservoir - anyone know where this one is supposed to go. And my favorite: what is this connector? Found it laying like that (disconnected) and after re-connect did not seem to change anything. Going to keep driving it around as is and see what's what for a week or so (until I burn up that tank of fuel anyway) before I start pulling it apart - want to get that carpet out and de-funkify the mildew smell in that cab, see what the floor pan look like and get the body prepped for paint...
  6. Hello, New (to me) Comanche owner, looks like a survivor - 88,000 original miles, paint is roached so doubt there are any hidden repairs but who knows... Have not pulled the carpet up yet, but the passenger side is wet so cab is leaking like all of them - can't see any rust from the underside at all - car was originally purchased in Albany Or. so been in the Pacific NW it's whole life. I got the original window sticker and protecto-plate along with it.... Options included (from the Window Sticker): Extra capacity tank, gauge package, tilt wheel, Cruise, Wiper Delay, Rear Slider, Skid Plates - all of it there, Cruise does not seem to be working (yet) The bedliner actually says Comanche on it so figure that came from the dealer/factory - have all four of the Jeep mudflaps on it and the original floor mats with the Jeep logo. I am not expert, but the seller seemed like a good guy and I think he sincerely believes the miles - have no reason to doubt it, looks legit to me. 1st order of business is to take a look at the floor pans and see how bad they are, kinda nervous about messing with the interior - don't want to start busting 30 yr old plastic trim.... Headliner and Sunvisors are trash - will make sure I keep the headliner backer board. Lot of surface rust on top of the cab - going to get that sanded and covered with primer at least asap. Had a couple of XJ's for the wife to drive around when the kids were little - always liked the rig for what it was, but never really invested any time in them, they were just grocery getters - had a Cj7 back in college - had fun with that but not really any money or time for upgrades, just kept it on the road. Going to set this one up as the house truck, trade in the old F150 maybe get it up high enough to fit 32-33's under it for looks and just enjoy it - probably get some paint on it before Summer rolls around.
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