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  1. They are far from NOS, but if your handy with cleaning them up and repairing the tab, its the only blacked trim pair I have.
  2. Which are you looking for, long or short wheel base roll bar?
  3. This was mounted in my 86 Comanche when I bought the truck. Not sure of the make. It is in good condition, but needs a cleaning. The pistons are getting a little weak for holding up the lid and I do not have any keys for the lock. Just want the thing gone. Thanks.
  4. Do you still have a complete set of bench seat belt receivers? I also need a center seat belt set up for a bench. Gray in color. Thanks. Sorry, just saw your message to pm. So done.
  5. And I will pull the plugs and also do a compression test to get some numbers and confirm things. If for no other reason, maybe someone else will get something out of this too. I recently removed the throttle bore and cleaned it, replaced a bunch of questionable vacuum hoses, cleaned up and replaced the air box and all its connections, all electrical connections pertaining to the TBI and sensors, and started on a couple of Cruisers tips. I was having stalling issues when pushing the clutch in while down shifting to slow down. Doing all that cleared up about 98% of the stalling. 100% would have been better though.
  6. Looks kind of white to me, but could be bluish. I can't trust these eyes no more. But, it's not as heavy or thick as I expected. I will try to post the videos I have of the engine running and tail pipe smoke tomorrow. I seem to be having a computer issue right now.
  7. Yeah, your right. I pretty much know where this is heading. Guess I was just having a fleeting moment of denial. But to reference what you said in you last line... Its Like starring in a mirror some days. Lol 86_2.5_Knocking.html
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