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  1. I am curious as to what size was the 12pt socket head cap bolts were that you removed from the k member. i don't have that style in my collection of tools only allens and torxs
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    Country of Manufacture United States Manufacturer Jeep Corporation Vehicle Type Truck Engine 4.0L, I-6, MPI Powertrain 4-speed automatic, floor gear shift, 2 W/D Body Type Jeep Comanche, 2-W/D Pickup, 7.0 foot bed, 120 inch wheel base Gross Vehicle Weight Comanche Pioneer = 4001 - 5000 lbs Assembly Plant Toledo, Ohio, USA Model Year 1988 Interior Gray cloth buckets,
  3. Cwhite87


    i luckily got off work at 3 am when it started so i could play before the 2wd rendered useless
  4. Cwhite87


    I'm out of greensboro and we in fact had the smack down given to us by mother nature. i haven't seen this much winter activity since 2003. we got a easy 12 inches. This is the first year i haven't had a 4wd especially a jeep. Hope to have the manche going by next winter.
  5. Hey DirtyComanche what adapter kit are you going with or are you designing your own when you decide on the transmission. i am curious if you might go into detail on the harness when you get to that point. That seems to be a across the board lacking thing that people tend to not go into detail when doing these swaps. Based off part1 video detail was great.
  6. I never did a swap in the Rubicons I ran the factory drive train. And you caught me I said Aw4 but i meant the auto one was a 42rle. Sorry
  7. I've had the pleasure of Owning 3 rubicons; 04 with 42rle, 04 with Nv3550 ( loved it) 06 LJ had the NSG370 6spd ( hated it) was so noisy. i would never own another!. That 5 spd tho was a blast. 03-04 is the 3550 05-06 is the G370 the only thing you have to do is swap out the bell housing typically like 100 bucks used.
  8. I just picked up a NV3550 on the 5th for 190.00 at LKQ a local salvage yard. i did some research and the 04 Liberty Renegades 4x4 came with the Nv3550. I was hoping that was your choice as well, so i could see how you adapted the reservoir for the Slave cylinder. lol But i look forward to the continuing of your build. I'm searching for a engine now.
  9. Awesome Video!! thanks for taking the time to make that. i look forward to seeing the part two. i will definitely use as a resource I'm still collecting parts. curious as to what transmission your gonna use.
  10. Are you on the om617 page too?
  11. Hows It going, just joined, your build is coming along nicely. that bed looks pretty sick.