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  1. Cwhite87

    Manual Conversion parts

    Hello trying to wrap up my parts list to get started on my build, my truck is a 88, I'm pretty sure this is the extent of the parts i have left to acquire on my list, please don't price gouge me we are all broheims trying to revive relics of the past. Clutch pedal, Manual brake pedal, Manual cross member, was told this works with a aw4 cross member as well, just need adapter plate( correct if wrong ) Manual floor pan
  2. Cwhite87

    WTB, Renix distriburtor

    Thanks everyone for your input..
  3. Cwhite87

    ‘88 “Eliminator” on Ebay

    That bumper is different wonder what that is off of?
  4. Cwhite87

    Upgraded Battery Cables!

    whens that sale start back up lol
  5. Cwhite87

    WTB, Renix distriburtor

    Hello not sure if the years matter my truck is a 88 and i need a renix distributor intact, working condition. if you have one please PM pictures and details shipping will be to 27260 thanks
  6. Cwhite87


    Nice thanks for the update.. i have found from my experience with PAP that its still available until the picture is gone. Once the picture is deleted they crush it. That is the most recent listing on Comanches i've found and i literally checked every store with PAP.
  7. Just A heads up to any one in the areas, Chattanooga TN there are two Comanches in the pull -a- Part both 88's, Silver one arrived 10/17/18 4 liter, gray interior, bench seat, maunal, SWB with silder. body is in okay shape. Black one arrived 11/20/18 has slider, bucket seats, automatic, floor shift 4 liter, LWB, tailgate looks good, plastic bed liner. and 12 Cherokees for your swaping needs Toledo Ohio 6193 hagman rd. 43612. Theres a 90 reddish looking short bed, 4 liter, tan interior bucket seats, center console, automatic on the floor, front end looks good, tail gate is decent has slider window and a 10 spoke looking turbine wheels with jeep center caps. with a 98-00 cherokees for parts Dayton Ohio, 4283 N. James H McGee Blvd, 45417 89 Gray, LWB, with topper, tailgate is nice, 4 liter, tail gate is in nice shape, very clean red interior bench seat column shift automatic has a slider back window Denver Colorado, 6100 North federal Blvd. 80221 86 Red, LWB, 4banger, tailgate good condition slider window, red interior, maunal Holland Michigan, 11475 Chicago Dr You guys are sitting on Cherokee swap over gold mine. 96-99 1 qty of each year, 2000 has 5 qty Same with Edgewood Maryland
  8. Cwhite87

    Lund visor repops

    How are they attached?
  9. Cwhite87

    15% off everything ebay code

    makes that Hx30w $369.6
  10. Cwhite87

    One of our own is down

    I'm new to the group so I don't know about them Cadillac seats, but I do enjoy reading the experiences and wisdom Don has shared on this forum. He's blessed to have a strong family by his side through the perseverance of the obstacles they faced. Praying for a speedy recovery your way...
  11. Cwhite87

    Nothing special 88 Pioneer

    haha doesnt hurt to ask..
  12. Cwhite87

    '88 MJ build

    Sounds like some progress has been made definitely need some pictures!!
  13. Cwhite87

    Nothing special 88 Pioneer

    I saw you had a rubicon in the background would want to sell the transfer case out of it would you? Also love the wheels that color it goes well with your factory patina
  14. Yes sir it will be geared 4.10s like the rubi and that is true these om617s do like the upper end of the rpm