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  1. Trying to remove starter. Identified the correct bolts; external torx E12. I got the one bolt out okay, but can't get the right angle on the second. It's crammed next the the bell housing and exhaust. Any tricks anyone can offer? Trying not to remove anything I don't have to. Thanks in advance!
  2. JC4XJ2MJ

    Black interior

    Where are you located?
  3. JC4XJ2MJ

    2.8L V6 Intake Manifold & Carburetor

    Sounds good. Where you located?
  4. JC4XJ2MJ

    2.8L V6 Intake Manifold & Carburetor

    Looking to bring some life back into an '86 2.8L V6. Located near Chicago, IL. Will come get or pay to ship. Let me know what you may have. Thanks!
  5. JC4XJ2MJ

    Rear axle preferably 3.07s

    I've got a D35 with 3.07 gears. Located in Chicago. Not sure if that helps at all. Will not ship at this time.
  6. JC4XJ2MJ

    WTB Shortbed Factory Roll Bar

    Chicago area.
  7. JC4XJ2MJ

    WTB Shortbed Factory Roll Bar

    What's available, and what should I expect to pay? Located in Chicago suburbs. 60491
  8. JC4XJ2MJ

    FUNNY, but I have an addiction.

  9. JC4XJ2MJ

    FUNNY, but I have an addiction.

    Admitting you have a problem is the first step.
  10. Guess we just need to get it out of crazy Cali.
  11. Damn looks like I've been on Craigslist a lot! I don't see any trucks in my part of the country that I haven't already looked into. (Usually not the case)
  12. Does it still have to pass smog it being as old as it is? We have something similar in Chicago, but cars older than 97 are excempt. Just wondering.
  13. JC4XJ2MJ

    Post A New Picture You Took Thread!

    Didn't take many. But pics of my mini trip to from Chicago to Harrison, Arkansas to pick up a clean short box. View from the cattle ranch it came from. Parking lot at the Hotel we stayed in St Louis. And finally the bed in my driveway.
  14. JC4XJ2MJ

    ANOTHER jeep trip!

    Just saw this post. Glad we met up in Champaign, IL. Can't wait to install the MJ hitch! Thanks again!
  15. JC4XJ2MJ

    Under 50k mile 87 4wd....mint

    Posting was deleted. Okay who bought it?