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  1. RestoringNV

    Axle upgrade, 87 Comanche!

    I did not think by going to 4.10, from 3.73 would be that much of a change, so I choose this gear ratio instead. Day to day driving, in the greater Pittsburgh, PA area involves steep terrain often. This set-up should help out, immensely!
  2. Axles: 99 XJ, D30 HP and Chrysler 8.25, running 33" BFG's, 6.5 inch Rubicon lift.
  3. RestoringNV

    Epiphany reached!

    A fully loaded 79 Cherokee S Chief 'N' vin code, professionally painted with 1974 AMC Renegade Yellow, nearly 6 years ago and then parked in a barn and forgotten. It was purchased by its previous owner in Statesville, NC. The odometer reads 29,515 miles, its new PA title now reads exempt. It needs the remaining interior assembled and cleaned. It will then undergo a thorough mechanical check, to be road worthy and inspected. Original color was either Morocco Bluff or Saxon Yellow, which can be seen on the passenger side kick panel. Not my cup of tea at all. I am very very happy with its current color!
  4. RestoringNV

    Epiphany reached!

    Sorry for long delay on the reply. I was told about, then I checked it out and then I bought a true 'barn find' on November 11th, 2018. If it proves to be a goodie, then my Comanche may be put up for sale. When I was looking for another Jeep, what I truly wanted was, not to be found. I searched for nearly 2 years. Then the Comanche, fell through the cracks and at that time, I decided that I would never find my dream 4wd, so I bought the Comanche. It will be named 'She's a Lady' in memory of my dearly departed mother. My mother just loved, Tom Jones. And we as a family unit, once owned a Waggy. Each Christmas, my thoughts would turn to grieving her, 28 years now. And on Christmas day 12/25/2018, this video appeared on my Timeline on FB. I take this event as a sign, Mom was tryin to tell me something! Video link: Now, I am debating on either keeping both or selling my truck and keeping this:
  5. RestoringNV

    1997+ Windshield Wiper Upgrade

    Mr. HOrnbrod, take a look at the red underlined text in your above quote... where can I get those bushings for the wiper transmission arms at? Seems to me that I read somewhere, on this terrific board, that these same bushings are readily available through the 'Help' products, in many of the automotive parts houses. But unfortunately I can not locate that thread! Oh, now I see the above link!!! PS: I love that hood, can that be purchased somewhere?
  6. I guess he has hit a snag again! Oh well, I am just going to keep my winged back buckets!
  7. RestoringNV

    Front Axle

    No more front end noise! The front diff u-joint yoke was, coming in to contact with the down pipe, so much as to put a large and deep gouge into it! Hyde now has a complete SS exhaust system!
  8. RestoringNV

    Upgraded Battery Cables!

    I need cables. Will need to wait until August 24th though.
  9. RestoringNV

    Horsethief days, Knox, PA

    https://www.facebook.com/events/127343084602210/?notif_t=event_friend_going&notif_id=1534171991387188 Who's going?
  10. RestoringNV

    Front Axle

    Skip, that question!
  11. RestoringNV

    Front Axle

    Cherokee, D30-HP. Many components appear to be recently changed. This differential will be geared to a 4.10 ratio! Currently it is a 3.55, I bought it for $50.
  12. RestoringNV

    Epiphany reached!

    Thank ya, I get these traits honestly. My dad (RIP) had a lot of AMC vehicles: Rambler Ambassador Convertible/Eagles/Matador/Pacer, and to this day, my eldest brother still has my dads 53 Hudson Hornet, with the legendary 7x-Twin H powered motor. Plus, my brother from another mother, owns his dearly departed parents 51 Hudson Hornet Coupe as well as his dads, that he originally bought new, 53 Hudson Hornet Convertible. Both of which have the 7x-Twin H motors. He also owns his first ever car that he bought, a 70 AMX Hurst 390, Big Bad Orange! And his daily driver is a Dodge Ram, his daughters both drive Jeep Liberty's, his wife drives a JK. With only two exceptions, his wife has a 69 Mustang <--- virtually non existent (her brother, has it on a spit and totally all apart, for a decade or more) and a 2000 1st year for the Retro Mustang.
  13. RestoringNV

    Catalytic Converter

    Sorry if I am opening another can of worms here. HOrnbrod, you said 'just manual/standard tranny versions' my truck is a 5-speed AX15, is this a possible glitch?
  14. RestoringNV

    Catalytic Converter

    The universal bullet type, will be just clamped on. I will remove it, directly after inspection. Buy it one time, just for state laws. If the converter is welded on, at some point in time it will fail, then it will need to be cut off and replaced. Forget that! Oh how I miss my Cummins... lol! Additionally, I think that my Comanche will be classified as exempt, this time next year. Here in PA, if a vehicle is driven under 5,000 miles, then they are considered to be exempt of emissions inspections! Say goodbye to the cat, for good!
  15. Still in. I just was quoted a ridiculous price to have my original 'winged buckets' reupholstered and I was Shocked at the cost. $375 per seat... that Nutz! Aa oh, will these pedestals work for a manual trans Comanche?