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  1. Pete: go out and fetch you a set of Kenda Klevers ;) ghetdjc320: the axles under my MJ are XJ axles, with 4.56 yukon gears and a Spartan locker out back. I can get you the additional information this evening. And as promised tires are 34 inches tall, underneath the trucks weight! Andy in PA: Actual tire size 35x10.50R17. Jesse J: thank you kindly. Wahoo Steeler: while that is true, it has been my finding, that BFG KO2 tires tread profile, is too flat faced and cause a pickup platformed vehicle to be squirrelly on wet surfaces. BF
  2. We can not find neutral. Always seems to be 4wd. I had the AX15 fully rebuilt. When I took the AX15 into the tranny shop, the NP231 was attached to the AX15. What could be the issue. Notes: I have installed the Novak linkage. Tranny/NP231 came out of a donor 96 XJ.
  3. Thanks Pete! Thanks 89MJ. IMHO, pizza cutter tires look much better under a truck and a non pizza cutter tire is best suited for a XJ type vehicle. Additionally, when I see tires that stick way the F out, past the sheet metal, it reminds me of a RC car... lol! Yes Tex06, spacers/adapters. I purchased them from a heavy equipment shop. No average aftermarket peddler had 2 inch thick, hubcentric spacers/adapters.
  4. Kenda Klever 35x10.50R17, mounted on 2018 Wrangler Rubicon Recon Wheels. Nicely tucked in under!
  5. Yes, I need 46005 to complete this portion of this vacuum loom.
  6. Are these difficult to replace? If so, why? And is there a write-up on here, of the procedures to do this? Please advise!
  7. Nope. Still acting up. And it's not even warm outside. This lil truck is still chugging. Temperatures, can cause a failing pump to send incorrect fuel pressures to the injectors. Warm fuel, due to heated gasoline returning to the fuel tank through its return line can build up, causing the weak pump to perform poorly.
  8. This is what it sounded like, right after the install of Doorman 43003 and 43004 vaccum looms. Although I am not convinced that all of the bugs are repaired, but at least it is a step in the right direction. 20200101_151918.mp4
  9. Improved, no racing motor at start-up. Post 1 of 2. 20200101_151812.mp4
  10. Replaced their internal fuel pump (abandon in place), for an external fuel pump? And if so, can you supply me with a link and or photos and descriptions. Should I install a check valve, too!
  11. Yes. With the vacuum line slipped over the nipple on the Fuel Pressure Regulator. Remove the vacuum line and the pressure jumps up to 40psi.
  12. I would like to say that this last episode of "Just WTH is wrong w/my Comanche" was all me figuring it out, but no, no it wasn't. With a large part of me texting my friend Michael J Dice and bouncing my problems off with an indispensable, Comanche Club Forums (CCF), we think that we have it narrowed down to, just plain failure of deteriorated vacuum soft parts. First I spoke to Mike, he suggested that I rent a Fuel Pressure Tester (I had to buy it). This afternoon, I tested it. Fuel pressure regulator (FPR) w/the primary vacuum line (PVL) attached was producing just over 30psi. <--- bad. Th
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