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    Rural Portion of Allegheny County, PA
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    Multi-year, staff member of BJHF. Reaching for becoming a lanyard wearing committee member for 2019. Off road camping, kayaking, nature lover. My fur babies. (Two Blue Healers), Wood Working and Photography.

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  1. That is what I was thinking, commonly needed things.
  2. That is 'if' you have space for lawn ornaments, but you got to have a lawn first... lol!
  3. What if you had one or more of these, just what would you put in them? Which fasteners/clips/paraphernalia?
  4. Oh boy, she tamed this Wild Stallion... lmao!
  5. Clueless, thats why I am asking. How does a tachometer read the RPMs of a motor? Do our trucks have a cable to attach too something? (If so) What? My 87, 4x4, AX15, 4.0 liter, does not have a tachometer within its instrument cluster.
  6. Does anyone have a source for these? As with many of our vintage MJ's, my dash pad is cracked. No, I do not want to replace it, way to small of a space, for this 6 ft 4 inch body to mess with.
  7. If my tumblers in my ignition or worn out, will its original key profile match a new set of tumblers?
  8. For 6 months, I could not find the keys to my Comanche. Last night I watched a video posted by Bubba, (the young man who bought my Jeep Cherokee Chief), that was when it struck me! Maybe my keys are on its keyring. Well guess what, they are. Bubba is going to send them back to me, with UPS, 2 day ship ;) I would love to find new AMC key blanks! Anyone have a source? UPDATE: my (on holiday keys), found their way home from Marysville, TN on Saturday May 29th, 2021. ;)
  9. Insuring that I have near perfect alignment as well as limiting possibilities of cutting into any of the XJ/MJ hood supports.
  10. I hate junk yards. They have snakes, bees, mice, poison ivy/oak. Plus not worth, fighting with rust and corrosion twice. Once off junk car and once off of my MJ. I buy new when I can. And I intend to install a pair.
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