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  1. I think that this build has fallen off of a cliff!
  2. Additionally, I reached out to Advanced Fiberglass Concepts. They have received rave reviews of their 4.5" bulge front fenders and their pricing is more than fair, including shipping and handling, so me thinks they will get my cash, for that portion and I may reach out to Hannemanns for their bedsides or just keep it stock, as my bed is nearly perfect, plus its a LWB bed. I am not sure that they offer LWB bedsides!
  3. I read this thread through and through (actually scoured it). Pete M. sent me the link on FB, after I messaged him of my intentions. I will continue to follow this thread, as what you are doing to this MJ is very similar to I want to do with mine. Cept for all the expensive suspension stuff. Maybe that will get done, if I can snag 'new-to-me parts, through-out time! I seen that you offered to build a harness for another CC member, would you be willing to extend that offer to me? And if so, can you PM me an approximate quote? Lovin your truck build, thus far!
  4. Pete M, do you make a relay harness for my FSJ?
  5. Yes sir it is! Built in Toledo, Chief, Wide Track, Quadra-Trac, 109" Wheelbase, 6,800 GVW, V8, 360 CID, 2 Bbl. (but it now has the Edelbrock intake, with a 4 Bbl carb.) With the sequential production number of: 110,297 w/nearly all of the options. Plus it has an AM/FM/CB radio. And get this, its CB mic is still intact. Its odometer reads 29k. Although, I am unsure if it is that low mileage, or if it is 129k? I surely a blessed man, owning her!
  6. Many thanks! I may want to bump up to a 35 inch tire then... but until then, I will drive accordingly.
  7. 'Me Lady' is finally in its rightful nest! I bought this Gem, in mid November 2018 and had titling issues, until mid week 3/13/19. It now has PA Antique plates and is 'all mine' It received a color change, during the previous persons ownership. Its current color is a 1974 AMC Jeep Renegade Yellow and WoW is it ever bright! During its last 6+ years, it predominately sat in the underground basement of a Bedford, PA barn. The walls and floor are concrete, as a matter of fact, it looked like a concrete vault :) Since purchasing it, I have been slowly, but steadily making it road legal and state inspection ready, but now with it being registered as an antique, it will not need to go through that process! Thus far, I have driven it for about 50 miles. It drove fine, at speeds of 65 mph. A little body roll, but a truly cushy ride. There has been talk that the 360 motor, would be under powered, but with my limited use, it seems to be ample for a man of nearly 59 years of age. The only thing that is not stock are its mirrors and of course, its Gladiator Grille. I replaced its stock mirrors with BJ's Off-road billet bases as well as 'parts-store' mid 90's Dodge Ram mirrors. This upgrade is both a very functional upgrade, as well as a great looking upgrade. They almost look like, they belong on it! So without further ado, here are my most recent photos of 'Shes a Lady'
  8. Alright y'all, I have a question. I have an 87 Comanche with a 4.0 Liter motor, that sits on a 6.5 inch lift, rides on 33x12.50-15 rubber, it has a fully rebuilt AX15 transmission, and if my memory serves me right, a NP231 t-case with a SYE and a new spicer rear driveshaft. I want to install a Dana 30 HP front axle under it and a Chrysler 8.25 rear axle, out back. With Yukon 4.56 gearing. My question is, how many RPM's will be produced, while driving at highway speeds (65 to 70 mph)? Please advise!
  9. I never truly claim club status, I have been there and done that and usually, by being part of something requires more of me and less fun.
  10. Is it the biggest show? Last year, Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival had just over 25,000 visitors. And in 2010, we set a worlds record, for the longest Jeep Parade, with 2,400 Jeeps. Now c'mon, show me the numbers... lol! Disclaimer: This post is meant to be light-hearted and not in anyway, mean spirited :)
  11. I plan to, when should I preregister?
  12. If you are nearby, I will be in a Vendors Tent, promoting the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival, during the Grand Opening. Here is their link, with all of the details: https://www.4wheelparts.com/stores/pennsylvania/4wp-pittsburgh-pa-253?fbclid=IwAR1zDFLiBxTS_yZcqN1I-di9igLcrXUUNC0jVeH4a-coLp8d0MazK57R-5o
  13. Ditto! Your work is done here, so go rest high on that Mountain Don. You made an impact on my life, without even knowing.
  14. I did not think by going to 4.10, from 3.73 would be that much of a change, so I choose this gear ratio instead. Day to day driving, in the greater Pittsburgh, PA area involves steep terrain often. This set-up should help out, immensely!
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