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  1. Nice truck! Great work on the resto. I don't know how accurate this statement is based on the pics in your build thread though... "Was a 99% rust free truck before restoration"
  2. Very cool non-traditional Comanche build!
  3. The leak is likely in the cowl. There is an opening on the passenger side to allow fresh air in. Sometimes the sealant around that vent can fail which allows seepage during heave rains (as the cowl will fill with water and drain out the sides). I have a leaking problem in my '88--the passenger side floor gets super wet when it rains. I haven't tackled a fix yet, as I'm not 100% sure on what to do without taking out the dash and HVAC box, but I'm about 99% sure this is the problem. This thread describes it perfectly: https://www.cherokeeforum.com/f2/water-leaking-cowl-34969/
  4. Passenger side A pillar trim and switch panels. How much shipped to 92629?
  5. Man that thing is clean inside. I don't think mine will ever be that solid until I eventually do a 97+ swap in a few years...
  6. Pics. Still need to get it stretched out and in place better.
  7. Got the carpet unboxed and had a few comments--it is a good reproduction, but not perfect. The backside is covered in oil from the manufacturing process and there is way too much carpet around the edges that will need to be heavily trimmed. Additionally, the portion in the front the trans tunnel where it meets the firewall will need significant trimming. I'm also apprehensive on when I should cut the opening for the tcase shifter. I have a column shift transmission, so nothing else to cut. I'll also need to cut for the seat bolts and seatbelts. I also bought an extra "yard" of carpet to re-cover the rear cab panel and the color is not a great match (despite ordering the same color code).
  8. Just had my Stock Interiors carpet delivered today. Will be installing it later this week and will let you know.
  9. Thanks definitely more than I can justify spending on this. Will try to see if I can track one down in a junkyard down here in SoCal.
  10. Whats your best price shipped to 92629 for your favorite seat bracket customer? 😁
  11. Need the A Pillar Interior Trim for the passenger side on my 88 MJ. Prefer grey or blue. Need to shipped or available near 92629.
  12. Just bought a 97+ XJ console and will be swapping into my '88 4WD w/ Column shift. I bought the JCR reinforcement bracket and will trim the console to fit as needed. Should have some pics up in the next week or so. I'm planning an eventual 97+ dash & interior swap, so this makes the most sense for me.
  13. No worries, good luck with your search!
  14. Dana Point, CA. Looking to get $100 for it.
  15. Chargum85

    Sun Visor Clips

    Any idea on where to get these? I need 2.
  16. How much for 1 good seat base foam? I have these seats in my MJ from a 92 XJ. Just need one foam seat base to fix the drivers side collapsed foam.
  17. Swapped XJ buckets into my MJ and no longer need this bench seat. It's out of a '88 Pioneer with blue interior. Needs a cleaning and minor repair on the back. Includes the blue seat belts and XJ brackets if you wanted to adapt it to fit an XJ. Will currently bolt right into an MJ. No rust on the frame. Located in SoCal. $100
  18. Sorry, forgot to mention. It has a new IAC (same behavior as the old one) and cleaned throttle body/new TB gasket. I've replaced almost every vacuum line that even looked close to failing and done a handful of vacuum leakage process-of-elimination tests by disconnecting and capping off certain ports. Unfortunately, still the same. I'm really leaning towards dirty/bad injectors or clogged cat. Both appear original on this 30-year old 211k truck. It was at a Southern CA farm most of it's life in very hot, dry, dusty conditions. Luckily no rust, but most of the plastic is melted/brittle. Also, it accelerates somewhat well, but still feels like something is restricting at higher RPM's. I'm comparing this to my seat-of-the-pants feelings from older XJ's that I had 10+ years ago, so this level of performance might be the norm. It also has a new distributor and plugs. I haven't indexed the distributor by cutting off the ears yet, but don't believe that would cause such a big issue at idle. I'm also somewhat concerned with timing chain slop, but it didn't seem too far off when rotating the crankshaft and watching the distributor rotor move simultaneously.
  19. I've been reviewing this a bit more and am considering a possible clogged cat or bad fuel injectors. Will also be targeting to eliminate the C101 connector this weekend. The truck was in rough shape when I got it and despite this rough idle, it is running the best it ever has. When I got it, the block-side coolant temperature sensor was unplugged (and wiring cut), the fuel pump ballast resistor was bypassed, the O2 sensor was forcing a rich condition, and it had a bad exhaust manifold/gasket (among many other things). I'll also target to disconnect the exhaust before the cat to see if that shows any noticeable improvement before I buy any new parts.
  20. Ok, got the fuel pressure gauge connected. Reads about 30-31psi at idle. Disconnecting the FPR it spikes up to 39-40psi. When giving the engine throttle, it stays around 30psi and fluctuates up or down 2psi. Should the fuel pressure be increasing with throttle or maintaining close to 30psi? Also changed the plugs today. No noticeable improvement.
  21. That thing is super clean for it's age (and being in PA)! Where was it originally from? Looks cleaner than my SoCal '88 (with similar patina).
  22. I've got the TPS set to 17% throttle at idle and 0.84-0.86v. Idle is still super low and unstable. Will order a fuel pressure tester and see how that looks. Also got some new plugs since they looked a little fouled.
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