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  1. I hear some truckers are having a tougher time getting fed on the road because sales are being limited to drive-thrus. Food places need to figure a work around for this. Keeping truckers healthy and fed should be a priority. It is unreal the number of trucks it takes to keep everything up and running.
  2. Let us know if it happens Pete... It's a rag tag bunch of us out here, but maybe we can get a club of Comanches together somehow.
  3. My girl has to work on Thanksgiving, so we celebrated early tonight. I am on my third trip to the fridge for leftovers already. Gravy. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  4. Yeah, here is the Novak link for info on trannys: http://www.novak-adapt.com/knowledge/engines/swap-guides/chevy-buick-gm/xj-swap
  5. Camping at Guitar Lake must be incredible for night sky viewing. It's on my radar now, thanks.
  6. Also... It's best to purchase firewood in a local town before entering this type of area. The Mojave averages around 2 inches of rain per year (usually in Jan or Feb) so it feels like you are on Mars. I am totally mesmerized by plants growing out of rock crevasses and other inhospitable locations. In a lot of the forested areas of CA the burn risk is increasingly very high, so during much of the year fires are a real bad idea. Had a nice fire though and managed to eat three hot dogs, a full bag of Sea Salt and Vinegar chips and a 40 of Coors light before drifting off to stare at the Milky Way galaxy... and the commercial air traffic heading into LAX.
  7. Sounds like the Estwing is the one, and it's made in the USA. Good 'ole Rockford, IL. Home of one of my favorite bands, Cheap Trick.
  8. Hatchet might work good. Mainly something to split wood while camping and needs to be reasonably easy to pack. Currently looking at these: https://www.amazon.com/Estwing-Sportsmans-Axe-Camping-Construction/dp/B00BNQR4SG/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=axe&qid=1573839294&sr=8-5 https://www.amazon.com/Council-Tool-20HB18P01-Hudson-Curved/dp/B01C57EVD2/ref=sr_1_14?crid=609P1PNLDTVP&keywords=council+tool+axe&qid=1573839361&sprefix=council+to%2Caps%2C215&sr=8-14 or maybe this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001CZ9UY4/ref=psdc_554566_t1_B01C57EVD2
  9. Yeah, I would never pitch my tent in that spot if rain were at all in the picture. Just to be safe I was off to the side of the main drainage route. It is hard to tell from the pics but that is the general, and most level, tent spot for this campsite. I could have pitched it closer to the rocks, but it was a little unnerving to be sleeping under those 5 ton boulders. An earthquake could easily send one rolling down. You can see some that have dislodged around the campsite. The most dangerous thing was probably me splitting wood with my hammer claw though!
  10. Some pics of another short road trip out to the Mojave near Joshua Tree. I wasn't planning on posting these, I just snapped off some quick shots. Was going to take some better shots for public consumption, but then I started climbing that huge hill of rocks and got totally distracted. Also definitely need a good small axe as I was reduced to splitting wood with my claw hammer. Council Tools or Estwing? Everything on Amazon seems like overpriced crap. It's like a playground for giants out there. Zero bugs, but coyotes and other small critters were definitely around.
  11. Was it a work related move or something else? Glad to see you brought the MJ's.
  12. Thanks Pete. We are monkeying with the fittings, but I think we are getting close. The gold "Water Main" crusher MJ will ride again!
  13. I think we found it, the header is misspelled so it didn't come up in my searching. As far as I can tell ,we just hook it up, since the rear is already deleted.
  14. We are in a time crunch, JeepPapa and I are trying to make an XJ brake valve work on his MJ so we don't have to tow the vehicle. Can anyone point us to the DIY thread? I can't seem to find it in DIY section. Rear valve is already deleted. Thank you.
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