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  1. bluenotenick

    Comanche Club Apparel

    I might order a long sleeve and cut the sleeves off entirely. Summer will be here soon. Amazon, love 'em & hate 'em. Thanks for keeping at it amsuco.
  2. bluenotenick

    thoughts on 3x5 sticker to honor Don

    Looks great Pete. A fine tribute.
  3. bluenotenick

    Buying a house...

    How did the rental turn out?
  4. bluenotenick

    Belt chirps

    After everything lines up, if it still chirps, consider buying a better belt. I had a budget one from Autozone that was slipping no matter what I tried. I think I went with a Gates.
  5. bluenotenick

    Possible "91 YJ find

    Update. I've been over to the property a couple times recently. I inquired more about the YJ with the owner's wife and she stated, "He never drives it, but he'll never sell it." I met him one more time as well and he is hard of hearing, so there wasn't much conversation. Still don't know much about it. So I guess for now I'll just have to take a wait and see approach. Hard to see a nice Jeep just sitting there. We all know that they need to be driven and maintained. I need to swing by with my MJ. Maybe he'll perk up and want to start talking Jeeps. Maybe he needs some help working on it, who knows...
  6. bluenotenick

    Members Map... New and improved and functional!

    Stick it to the man! Great work. I'm up on the map.
  7. bluenotenick

    Outdoor cover for MJ

    Thanks. I'll see if I can find one because that is a great price. Do you happen to know what year Forrester it was? I think the dimensions of the Forrester have changed a bit over time where the older models were boxy and the newer more curved like newer SUV's. Also, did you punch a hole for the antenna? That is always the hardest part of getting a cover on and off for me.
  8. bluenotenick

    Members Map... New and improved and functional!

    There is this feature on Google maps. Not sure if it is the right thing for CC, but maybe someone else has some experience with it?
  9. bluenotenick

    Came across this jeep history. Interesting read.

    I like those M38's.
  10. bluenotenick

    Outdoor cover for MJ

    Hey Pete... Jeeppapa has a carport similar to the one from Harbor Freight but bigger and its perfect. I really like it. Not much to work with as for sq. footage. at my place, but it's the only parking space that has room to work near the engine, so I am thankful for that.
  11. bluenotenick

    Outdoor cover for MJ

    That's pretty cool, but I only have a single parking space. When I hear people talk about having room for 10+ vehicles I get a bit envious. Someday!
  12. I don't currently have a garage for my MJ and I want to protect it. I purchased a Budge (Empire) cover and although it fits nicely, it is otherwise a piece of junk. It doesn't keep dirt and water out and it also deteriorated very quickly. I have looked at the Coverking website, but they are from $300 to $525. I'll pay that if I have to, as long as the quality is there. Anyone have any other suggestions or experiences? Thanks.
  13. I’m up for it. Will call you.
  14. bluenotenick

    One of our own is down

    Get well soon Don and looking forward to seeing you back around here.