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  1. bluenotenick


    Looks like a ton of fun Sir Sam. Thought you were gonna sideswipe that parked car on the first lap.
  2. I especially like the part where the drive shaft rolls out.
  3. bluenotenick

    Debt Collection Advice

    In my experience the best way to collect this debt is to kindly, but persistently remind the new owner of the debt. Send them a nice reminder every month. It is unfortunate that the new owner was unaware of the debt, but that is the risk of purchasing a business, you get the good and the bad. You will spend more than $500 on an attorney. In my non-expert opinion, a text message would suffice as a contract if you still have it. I had a young talent agency business just before the Great Recession and overnight all of our clients went belly-up. We owed our artists thousands, but none of our clients were solvent enough to pay. We had to pay every artist out of own pockets using credit advances. We were extremely patient with our clients and after 18 months we received every penny we were owed, even from one guy who was a total jerk. It was grueling, but it worked for us. There were lots of people raging for their money from our clients. Most of them only got a portion of their money because they ended up in line in bankruptcy court. We worked with them and were patient, so they worked with us. There is no guarantee this will work, but most small business owners understand your situation. Even offer payment terms if necessary, like $100 a month. If it does not get resolved, try small claims court. Don’t wait too long.
  4. bluenotenick

    Possible "91 YJ find

    Awesome Jeeppapa. I really like your new carport garage. That thing was a great idea. Let's get that Eliminator kicking @$$ too...
  5. bluenotenick

    Possible "91 YJ find

    Thanks guys. Those are some nice rigs. Next time I am over there I'll try and talk about it with him. It's possible that it needs some mechanical repairs and if he is anything like me, I don't like to use most of the mechanics around here and prefer to do as much wrenching at home or with friends as possible. I wouldn't mind helping him, even if he doesn't want to sell it right now. I'll update if I get some pics or more details on the condition.
  6. bluenotenick

    Possible "91 YJ find

    Looks like I misread the YJ wiki page. Thanks for the heads up Eagle. I wouldn't mind the 2.5L with the manual tranny. That could be fun...
  7. bluenotenick

    Possible "91 YJ find

    Of course as soon as I open my big mouth about liking MJ's more than Wranglers (generally because I haul a lot of stuff) my girl and I are doing some volunteer work for an older couple in town and I can't help but notice a YJ with a tarp over the cab (probably a soft top?) on their property. The nice lady tells me that it's a '91, same year as my MJ, and that it's her husbands. I've only met him once and he seems fine, except I don't see how he will be driving it much anymore with his advancing age and health condition. The couple is also wealthy (in comparison to me anyway) so I don't have to feel like I am trying to take advantage of them, which I'm not, but if I can get it at a good price and they are willing to part with it... Before I even consider this, what do you think about this model? I could use a trail rig because my Comanche is a 2wd street machine. The YJ should have the Chrysler era 4.0 which I know fairly well now. Looks pretty stock with the 10 hole rims and the body is in very nice shape as far as I can tell. Not sure if it's a standard or manual tranny. I would guess he has been driving it two or three times a year, just enough to keep it up. Sorry no pics, I didn't want to intrude on their privacy.
  8. bluenotenick

    Street Comanche -- CA

    That thing is going to take a ton of work. Probably near a complete overhaul. I agree, no more than $500. No offence to the people in The Richmond area, but it is a less affluent section of the East Bay. I doubt it was given a lot of TLC and would think passing smog is the least of worries with this beast. The back fees could be paid and put it on Non-Op, then transfer can be done without a smog. Then it would need to be trailered, which might be a good idea anyway. Did they pop the hood for you? The more I look at the pics, the more unsure I am that I even like the body kit. Unless someone is thinking of Bonneville... Having a truck that bottoms out the body on a driveway could be real a bummer. As much as It would be great to save her, I wouldn’t get into this project without deep pockets and a solid game plan. Thanks for taking a look for us Shharks. I was wondering about it.
  9. bluenotenick

    the new Jeep truck. it is what we all thought it would be.

    I just wish they would have chosen a new name for this instead of Gladiator. As we all know, the original bares no resemblance. When I see people drinking their Frappuccino's ™ and driving these things around town, I'm not gonna be at all surprised. Call me a purist or old fashioned (or a jerk) but I like my truck to look like a truck and be sort of inconvenient, without every conceivable option and luxury. I personally don't want a back seat where my friend is going to puke on the floor. I even somewhat dislike an extended cab because it also makes a truck look weird. It's really a Grand Wrangler with a short bed. I understand that a company has to sell as many vehicles as possible to make a profit and this version will be everything for almost everyone as the Gladiator. Thank God for the Comanche.
  10. bluenotenick

    Street Comanche -- CA

  11. bluenotenick

    who knows copyright law?

    Agree with the cease and desist, especially if he is profiting in any way. Any person worth being cordial with would have apologized and stopped using your design immediately. Cost vs. benefit is always a tough decision in these instances.
  12. bluenotenick

    opinion on first MJ purchase

    I think that you are making a wise decision to wait. MJ’s can need repairs in the first year of ownership such as exhaust manifold, radiator, water pump, harmonic balancer, etc. that you probably won’t find out about until after you buy it and drive it regularly. If you’re not into wrenching on engines, those costs will add up. Unless he can show receipts, I’d be wary.
  13. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/zip/d/free-jeep/6757871970.html
  14. bluenotenick

    Thanksgiving traditions

    Happy Thanksgiving. to everyone from CC who has helped me this year with my MJ.
  15. bluenotenick

    Belt chirp

    I second the proper tightening of the belt using a brand new quality belt.