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  1. Was it a work related move or something else? Glad to see you brought the MJ's.
  2. Thanks Pete. We are monkeying with the fittings, but I think we are getting close. The gold "Water Main" crusher MJ will ride again!
  3. I think we found it, the header is misspelled so it didn't come up in my searching. As far as I can tell ,we just hook it up, since the rear is already deleted.
  4. We are in a time crunch, JeepPapa and I are trying to make an XJ brake valve work on his MJ so we don't have to tow the vehicle. Can anyone point us to the DIY thread? I can't seem to find it in DIY section. Rear valve is already deleted. Thank you.
  5. Also, never... ever... hit anyone up.
  6. Looks like serious overcompensation to me. The only way he could impress me with that is if he jumped it over his fifteen wives, each in their own Lambo. Evel Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, from Abu Dhabi Knievel.
  7. That motor mount is super accessible right now too. If they need it, now could be the time.
  8. Are you running the stock down pipe? CC member JeepPapa did a lot of work helping me with a Walker brand replacement on my '91. The nuts on bolts to the cat flange were totally rusted on and a few had to be cut off. I really like the sound it makes now with the Banks exhaust manifold I put in as well. Not sure what the requirements of installing a turbo will do to the whole exhaust set up, so maybe you have other plans already?
  9. Wanna drive my $200K Trans Am and do some burnouts? Uh, sure... thought you’d never ask.
  10. I might order a long sleeve and cut the sleeves off entirely. Summer will be here soon. Amazon, love 'em & hate 'em. Thanks for keeping at it amsuco.
  11. Looks great Pete. A fine tribute.
  12. How did the rental turn out?
  13. After everything lines up, if it still chirps, consider buying a better belt. I had a budget one from Autozone that was slipping no matter what I tried. I think I went with a Gates.
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