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  1. On 3/11/2021 at 8:47 PM, 70barracuda said:

    I don't know about cherokee belts but these are pretty much a bolt in brand new replacement. All you gotta do is enlarge the bolt hole on the retractor. That's it. Fit perfectly behind all the trim and look great. 



    Ya I have seen these before, my only concern is if you change the belt color to grey the plastic stays black



    22 hours ago, 87MJTIM said:

    I don't believe the XJ bolts in to the MJ.  There were threads on CC that discussed this.  Something about where the XJ bolts to the B pillar.  They bolt down low to account for a 2 dr style XJ.  The MJ bolts higher up the B pillar. 


    Ya I’ve seen a few threads. Some say no, some say yes lol. Just wanting to clear it up.

  2. I know this has been discussed before, but never a clear answer was givin. 


    Will an XJ belt fit into an MJ? Quadratec sells a nice looking set of belts for an XJ. 


    Has anybody put XJ belts in their truck with success? Without major modifications? 


    Thanks for the help. 



  3. I'm in search of the black trim that goes around the exterior of the door. Its available black and chrome - I need black. 


    See picture to help with what I’m talking about. Thanks everyone!




  4. Ya I plan on using my gun, just for the simple fact of all the components. Probably take 2 quarts to cover everything. I am going to try to get up to my local paint store. Only issue is they are open the same hours I work and not on weekends lol. Makes it tough. So I didn't know if anyone had previously painted their Jeep grey interior parts and had a color code/name that I could just order from SEM direct. 



  5. I am in the process of putting my truck back together after paint and body. It feels like I'm skipping a step by putting in my old faded interior plastics. So I am thinking about repainting them. 


    I'm looking at using SEM Color Coat. I've been happy with all their other paint products. 


    Has as anyone here used SEM, and what color best matches the factory grey parts?


    Thanks Jacob

  6. I am in the process of putting my truck back together after resto, and I seem to have miss placed the cable that goes from the column to the floor shifter. Does anyone have one available? Thanks Jacob

  7. Damn...I've been gone awhile, and did not expect to come back to this. I haven't been around too long, but I too have gathered so much knowledge from Don's posts. People like him are far and few between, friendly to everyone, happy to help, never talked down to anyone. Stay good up there Don, we will look back upon your wisdom from time to time. Everytime we come to this site, I guarantee you will cross our minds. Thanks for everything. RIP buddy. 

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