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  1. See Brandon, you need to make that adapter plate like I've spoken about. If it's true for wj as well, you probably will sell just as many as the mj. You can be the savior of seats
  2. What happened with the seats? Have you thought about dismantling the seat frames and buckles to just swap them? It's hard to tell just from the 2 pics you posted if it's possible.
  3. He has never done me wrong. Great guy to deal with.
  4. All this info is helpful guys. I myself appreciate it. It at least gives people like us a starting point for trial and error.
  5. Now you see the frustration for 2.5 guys. The best part is the 86 2.5 is a whole separate breed over the 87-90 2.5. Accessory setups with pulleys etc., the 86 2.5 is like the land of the lost for web info. I'm sure it's out there just not under mj listings. This is even more cause for me to like it from the small challenges to face.
  6. If your still looking for a v belt style pulley, those might be the same as wrangler and GM. I'd cross reference part numbers on the pulley. The harder ones are serpentine belt configurations since there were less setups with it.
  7. The factory did have metal skid plate options. The one in his pic was the earlier version. It's the 1 on the left in my picture. The one on the right is the later version. Both in the picture are long wheel base for comparison. I do not know how but I managed to find both of these within a week of each other recently. I have found only 3 and so far it's been all this year. I never had seen 1 in person until this year.
  8. If your the guy on Facebook, I sent my info. It's yours for a donation to Pete here on the club.
  9. Yes sir, I hope it helps others as well since 86 info seems very limited and if that GM pulley is cheap I'd try it or at least try to get a GM list of vehicle applications and find it in the junkyard on the cheap for trial fittament. Make sure to repost your findings here since there are always more watching in the shadows than posting.
  10. This is what I have. It's a single serpentine setup. I have no clue if it's the same part # of the 4.0. I never thought about it until seeing your post. It took me almost a year to find a spare power steering pulley though. I come across v belt setups most of the time. Serpentine are much harder for me to find. 86s are tough to find period and there is many different belt configurations with different accessories making it worse with little info. Now I believe this is your setup. Everything in this pic accessory wise is up for grabs. The balancer is yours for cost of shipping like I said before. If you want more, same deal, but it would be cool if you would donate to Pete here at the club. I'm keeping the block, everything was running great so it's back up and it only has like around 100,000 I think on it. I'm using the auto trans and 207 to convert my 2wd mj with a bad clutch over solving 2 problems. I have a couple of spare aluminium 2.5 valve covers to sell too if your going that route.
  11. Try sending "TheDude" a message. He may have some. I have at least 1 set but have no clue where they are since I have not yet gotten to organizing the garage let alone finish the house.
  12. Shipping is going to eat you alive on that especially if it has to go freight.
  13. I think it was edited since that was not there when I responded.
  14. I managed to get the cards pulled and part of the seats by the way this morning. I'll probably be back this weekend for the rest including your bumper and flares.
  15. Sweet I thought it was grey probably the pics of that 1 mini looks black, if so that's a heck of a deal. I bet it won't last long.
  16. You never told me you had a blue micro bezel. I'll buy it Cody.
  17. I would also add that it would be a very bad Idea to go extreme to 1 side of the perch or the other since the leaf pack would be in a terrible position having the perch so far off balanced. Axle wrap and broken leaf/leaves would be highly likely down the road.
  18. Those are exactly what I was thinking offset 1 hole with Hell Creek leaf packs on a lwb truck he should be perfect.
  19. This is my favorite tool I made for removing the driver a-pillar screw that loves to be angled up and near impossible to get without damaging the corner of the dash. 90s down always seem bad for this. The little ratcheting tool is to big. I need to buy a ratcheting 1/4" box end but this is what I had, it works and it's removed several a-pillars so I never did. Maybe one day lol.
  20. I have what you need too I believe it doesn't pan out. I can get more as well.
  21. It's fun for sure. I've removed dozens. Don't do it when it's cold since they are easier to crack. It really isn't hard more takes patience. The philips screw on driver side vent cover is the first obstacle since its always a pain. I take a cheap free harbor freight driver and bend it in my press. I use it to turn it an eighth to quarter turn to get it started. The older the dash, the more they seem harder to get started. After breaking it loose a good flex bit usually works to finish it. To get the vent cover off is the next trick without breaking it. I use a long flathead and slide it in between driver a-pillar and dash to help pop the stubborn last clip again on driver side. I usually lift and twist slightly from the passenger side while doing so. Once I access the actual dash bolts to cowl, I do the driver side first again with a wobbles bit since its tight and be very careful not to crack the dash at that bolt since its so tight. Again cold is your worst enemy.
  22. Hell Creek Metric Ton leaf springs come with center pins 1" further forward to help wheel offset already. That should put you within an inch and I'm sure with that camper you will want a metric ton leaf set at least and upgraded rear axle if the one you buy doesn't have a 44.
  23. I'm amazed on how xlean the factory gas tank skid looks.
  24. This, me likely. Way cool! More pics, info please!
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