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  1. If you can figure out how and make it simple by all means yes. I'll also give it to you because I image it must be impossible to get there. I think it's cool your trying to build 1 with odds so highly stacked against you.
  2. I might want to see if Brandon can haul that back from the show.
  3. I'm glad an mj guy snatched this up! I was so tempted but I have 2 already just not nos. Wasn't this originally posted as xj and they didn't know?
  4. Sorry, I just seen this. They are $25 shipped. Just pm me an email to send a PayPal Invoice. I'll pay the fees.
  5. This is amazing! Fast work! I have like 300 notifications from your build. I haven't been on lately with time to read up on builds but I definitely plan on going back through and catching up asap.
  6. The biggest hurdle is there are 2 standing vertical in my storage along side an mj. I used a ratchet strap, removed the ratchet. I had 1 side and my wife the other. It was really too heavy for her. The 2x4s helped me slide it in and I had to crawl out. Picture that now Pete. Now you met me, I'm not the smallest guy. We call it a humpstrap in the moving industry. The strap slides though since the surface is contoured and it makes it a slow, constant regrip process. It probably took the 2 of us 45 minutes to get them in there. 2 or 3 guys and real straps maybe 10 minutes.
  7. It's fiberglass by the way.
  8. Pete, now I can return the favor. I have 1 in my storage in excellent shape. I think it needs a lock or back glass lid. I'm not sure it's been awhile. It's up in northwest Indiana by the lake though. Maybe we can plan a meet there with some other local members to help us dig it out and load it. There is a swb cap that might need moved in the way. It's yours if you want it. Thanks again.
  9. $50 shipped in the US 48. PayPal ready and $5 goes to Pete for the club from every invoice I generate from the classifieds on the club. It has 1 cracked mount but easily repairable.
  10. $25 bucks shipped in the US 48. PayPal ready. I donate 5 bucks to Pete for every invoice I generate from a classifieds here. Thanks.
  11. It looks better rust wise than most of mine. It's mostly there. If you need burganday interior I have a lot. I think it's called cordova for the technical guys. It's not the bad stay positive.
  12. 86 2.5 transfer case works fine. I have more 86 parts too that I have slowly been pulling. The transmission will be available as well. I drive the xj home 2.5 hours. Everything worked even the air. I initially bought it for the black interior and spare drivetrain for my 86 mj. I decided to convert a spare ax15 I have instead and just keep the motor.The interior is sold that I didn't keep before anyone asks. I'll toss a $100 out there. I think it might be able to ship non freight. I'm willing to try any way on the buyer's dime.
  13. Will you post them on the club? Krustyballer was looking for these as well. I checked mine and they didn't have any for front or rear.
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