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  1. I love your doing this. This has been similar to my ultimate offroad mj build. Just about anyone who has ever seen the junkyard here I live in of parts have had to hear about some of my hairbrain ideas. Good luck every big guy like myself will praise you for this.
  2. saveevryjp1998

    should I bring back the 3x5 CC stickers?

    I think #1 is my favorite too. Still like them all Pete.
  3. saveevryjp1998

    should I bring back the 3x5 CC stickers?

    They all look good to me. I like them all.
  4. saveevryjp1998

    Need a new WJ engine, looking for best route

    Hilarious, we posted at the same time. I guess you answered that.
  5. saveevryjp1998

    Need a new WJ engine, looking for best route

    If your considering spending that much money and time, have you explored a 4.0 swap?
  6. saveevryjp1998

    One of our own is down

    Just so you know we won't stop praying and won't forget about Don and his family.
  7. saveevryjp1998

    Some video in ouray featuring my friends MJ:

    Not long enough! I can look at scenery like that for hours and I miss Colorado. The Western slopes is on the next adventure there hopefully.
  8. saveevryjp1998

    Black interior

    Id look real close at this. Only 1 bad picture and it sure looks navy blue. I'd like it still though if it had no cracks .
  9. saveevryjp1998

    Sending units

    I just seen this. I'll get some pics here in good daylight and send it your way in an hour.
  10. saveevryjp1998

    scam or not...

    Is this where you actually bought it Pete?
  11. saveevryjp1998

    scam or not...

    I have been waiting to see if this came delivered as advertised. I've been in the market myself to upgrade since all mine are due. I have 2 of the 4 ah batteries and looking to try some 6 on the next buy. I was impressed with the little grinder a guy let me use with a diamond blade. That's on the list as well so the saws all me getting left behind. The grinder is lighter, more compact, and battery life seems longer.
  12. saveevryjp1998

    One of our own is down

    Any updates yet?
  13. saveevryjp1998

    2.5l power steering

    I'm unsure of that but I think about anything is adaptable if your up to the task. My ? For which setup up was more for pulley style. There were several 86 belt routing setups with at least 2 pulley styles. I have both and 1 seems much harder to find the pulley. I also believe the pumps are the same but again with slightly different clocking orientations. The pumps are rebuildable and you can get them at the box stores but you need the right 1. I think I have come across them swapped with wrong pumps since they are sitting at about the 3-4 o-clock position leaning to far to the right.
  14. saveevryjp1998

    2.5l power steering

    Which 2.5 setup?
  15. saveevryjp1998

    Sending units

    The only difference is the little adjustable mounting bracket. These need trimmed half the time for aftermarket pumps depending on what you buy if it's 4.0 or 2.5. The housing and potentimeter(float/gauge) are identical. You would could simply use the 2.5 bracket off your old 1 if a 4.0 bracket wouldn't work any ways. Over the years I have made my own brackets out of thin scrap duct work laying around. It's galvanized. Many times I have pulled a sender to see these brackets hacked up anyway. I know some people haven't seen or owned more than 1 sender. Believe it or not I am estimating I have sold over 50 mj sender units last year alone. I literally have left a dozen in yards because I have gotten so tired of pulling them. All this part pulling really comes at a loss to me after gas and vehicle usage let alone my time/lost wages. I do it because I like saving it and helping someone out. I have sold 6 this year already between Facebook and here with 1 more invoice waiting to be paid.