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  1. Quick update, I've got all of the stationary boards fitted so I can measure for the access panels.
  2. Time for a few long overdue updates. "Heavily" modified injection pump has been installed, fuel system is complete, glow plug relay wired into the Jeep system, all gauges work as if they were meant to be there. The best part...it now starts with the key. After running a few times with my freshly uncorked diesel I'd come to the conclusion that in spite of running this thing with no muffler of any kind, my self designed flatbed made more racket than the engine (think metallic Whoopi cushion). Needless to say, my ears were ringing for a few days after that experience. Some of the noise would be cured once wood is installed, but not all, so I added bracing & some sound deadening. The pictures really aren't in any kind of order, but hopefully you get the idea. Currently I'm working on access panels for storage, the battery, & refueling. So far lots of fun, but it can be a bit tedious.
  3. Got all gauges in and working. (Ignore the tangled mess I still have to button up)
  4. Thanks, it's definitely gone full-redneck. I love it. I'll be installing a "lightly" modified injection pump in the next couple days & sorting out the glow plug harness. Just a few more big hurdles & it's a driver.
  5. I used the spray on truck bed liner with a coat of rattle can crust-oleum to prevent sun fade. The way I see it's an area that takes a beating, all I have to do is re coat when it gets too bad. That's what I've done on the rocker for my XJ for years, looks nice. The cable is about 10 feet #2. I have not gotten to crank it yet with this cable, still have a bit more wiring to go. I will find out how well it does when I purge the fuel system...
  6. Some updates: I've gotten the remote mount battery installed. Tail lights are wrapped up too: So far it's turning out better than I'd hoped for. I have a couple wire harnesses to rebuild then on to the fuel system.
  7. The best that I've found is the OM617 swaps FB group. OM617 Swaps It's a closed group, but lots of good information there if you're interested in this.
  8. To say they are durable would be an understatement. It's a great engine. Arguably one of the most reliable engines ever produced. I love the all mechanical side of it too, it's like working on a super forgiving clock - a very dirty one.
  9. It is indeed. It interferes with everything. It will have to come off to be further modified. I will likely not move the pickup all the way to the rear but shorten it & make a shallower / longer sump. I the idea is to gain clearance for steering & some suspension travel.
  10. Flatbed time! I've made a fair amount of progress here. I just need to add in some center bracing & finish out the inner fender area. I feel like it is really starting to look good. The tabs holding up the outer box will be cut away once I've welded it in. I hoping it looks pretty clean when finished. Now to clean my garage...
  11. Hello all. I've got some updates for you. Since i last posted I've gotten a few things done. I got the additional gauges I'll need, as well as Azzy's Design Works T-case linkage: I also wanted to update the look of the OEM gauges so i got some Azzy's gauge faces: I really like how they turned out. Definitely a recommend on those.
  12. Well, barn find engine has paid off!!! This was sitting on the dirt (mud when the infrequent rains happen) floor barn for at least 20 years. I only purchased for parts, but internally it was perfect. All i did was rebuild the injectors & turbo (I hired the turbo build out to J-Pop shop in Arkansas who did a T3/T4 hybrid for me). After some self-induced shenanigans with the injection pump timing it lives: Now unfortunately the engine has to come back out for significant modifications to the oil pan & to drill / tap the adapter plate to accept the Jeep CPS. It looks like i'll be able to use the stock Jeep gauges & I'll likely add an autometer pod for EGT & boost. The Big-Gulp zip tied to the LH fender is the oil filter. I remote installed it just for the test runs. It's going to have to be cut up to mount a spin on filter to fit the extremely limited space of the Comanche engine bay. All in all it may be a bit before i post again as there's lots to do. I'll try to remember to upload more pictures.
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