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  1. Oceanic815

    One of our own is down

    I am sorry to hear about this, a great and reasonable person and a loss to the MJ community and beyond.
  2. Oceanic815

    Well, I've done it now

    The solar panel runs a fan to keep the interior from being a blast furnace in the summer due to the large greenhouse; it is a stand-alone system that does not run off the 12v or HV battery. The A/C does not run, it is just a ventilation fan that triggers when the interior temp exceeds the exterior temp. It does have remote A/C on the key fob that runs the air for 3 mins while the engine is off and doors are locked... that may be to what he was referring? Haven't explored possibilities on upgrades or mods for it; there are some craptastic body kits which would hinder instead of help the aero, and no smoothie/moon/racing wheel covers that will fit the aluminum wheels under the existing wheel skins, although some aluminum pizza pans would likely do the same job on top of the existing skins. There is both TRD and Cusco sway bars and Tien lowering springs for the car available, however. Regarding heat, the car does cycle the engine about 30 seconds after powering it on, and the cycle lasts 30-60 seconds, and if there is enough draw such as running the heat or defrosts full blast it will remain engaged in order to generate the heat to defrost glass. The rear defrost also engages the optionally equipped heated mirrors. The car is an easy one to bag on and is indeed appliance-like but from a geeky standpoint its really pretty cool with the technology in the car that makes it work as well as the tech features at your fingertips behind the wheel. Lots of creative storage in the car to put things too. Tangentially related, we loaded up the car this morning with 4 adults to drive 20 miles for Sunday brunch at a cutesy place and still achieved 48 mpg. As it is a reasonably light car (by today's standards) at 3000#, the addition of passengers did noticeably affect its acceleration in Eco and EV modes.
  3. Oceanic815

    Well, I've done it now

    After the MJ sold in May, the 7-speed trans on our Benz nuked not once but TWICE in 6 months at 52k and 61k; even though the second time was a warranty repair, down time on the Benz between the two repairs was over 7 weeks... which i was not very jazzed about. Having enough of that baloney and feeling the sting of 10 year old Mercedes Benz repair costs, we traded the Benz this week after it got out of the repair shop for a CPO 2015 Toyota Prius Three with solar roof and Entune audio. No LED headlights or late departure or radar cruise control or auto-braking collision avoidance system on this trim level. Record MPG so far is 73.4 mpg over an 18 mile trip [a/c off, cruise at 60, windows up]. Anyway, anyone had a chance to play with a Gen 3 Prius? Way more fun than I thought it would be.
  4. Oceanic815

    Who can ID these F150 wheels

    Thanks on ID-ing these.
  5. Oceanic815

    Floor mats

    Looks good, but looks like the mats will be slick should rain/snow from boots or shoes gets on them. Does Rugged Ridge no longer make the deep tread high sided floormats any longer for XJs that are a close fit?... I used them in my MJ for years and they did a respectable job.
  6. Oceanic815

    Who can ID these F150 wheels

    Can anyone ID these wheels? 15x8, 0 offset, missing centercaps, fit pre-97 2wd F150. I could not locate any relevant manufacturer information on the back?
  7. Oceanic815

    Wish I got to see it....

    Our home was in the path of totality in Central Oregon, but juuuuuuust barely. A beautiful clear morning made for a spectacular eclipse. It's the oddest thing having everything get dimmer and dimmer over the course of an hour, and almost suddenly dark. Temp dropped 15 degrees during totality too. We had crazy crowds in Madras and Prineville and took the remainder of the day for traffic to clear up on 97 as Californians all headed south. All in all, It was an amazing natural event to behold.
  8. Oceanic815

    Lund Visor Rhode Island

    How is the condition of the fiberglass? Cracks/chips?
  9. Oceanic815

    Tied the knot!

    Congrats! Hope you have many fantastic years ahead for you both.
  10. Oceanic815

    Bucket seat Tilt Bezel trim ( who's interested in buying ?)

    Pics in linked thread are not showing?
  11. Oceanic815

    What do you do with your canopy/topper when it's off?

    I had enough garage space at one point that allowed me to put it on two Harbor Freight moving dollies so it could be moved around; it was stored vertically with the cab-facing end side down. As it is fiberglass it is sturdy enough to do this. Storing in a garage or shed/shop deters wasps from making it a home. Unless you have a hoist, use two people to move it unless you wish to possibly injure yourself or damage the canopy.
  12. Oceanic815

    Like I needed another car: 1974 Toyota Corona Mk2

    Well, a trip to the Bend Toyota dealer today revealed that the back window is only $230, but has been discontinued for about 20 years, so looks like the plexi is hanging around for a while, which is unfortunate. Discovered that the car has its original Toshiba sealed-beam high beams bulbs on it, which is a point for keeping it original. Also discovered that the exhaust manifold exits two exhaust pipes which meet at the muffler to form a single exhaust... maybe dual exhaust is in the future? (or sidepipes lol)
  13. Oceanic815

    4x4 cars

    The boxy Subaru GL's/Loyale's of 80s vintage had a pushbutton selectable AWD. Subaru used to make some quirky cars back in the day.
  14. Oceanic815

    Like I needed another car: 1974 Toyota Corona Mk2

    A few more pics from this evening, now that its in the driveway and out of the road. Had to retape the rear glass... I mean plexi. And with MJ in the background goodness.
  15. Oceanic815

    Moab MJ Takeover.

    Dead link for me as well on a desktop. Put the name of the group or the event so we may search for it on FB?