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  1. I haven't gotten a chance to measure it yet. I'd like to know myself. The OAL is about 18 1/2 foot though.
  2. Thanks! I have caught some hate over it from some circles of the internet. (Not here though.)
  3. Thanks!! I'm trying my best here. It won't be a show truck by any means, but it will be functional. Something I hope to have for years down the road. And thanks again. I've seen some make the cab meet the door, but I opted to go this route. They still need a little work. I need to add an inner structure to them to fill the gap so the doors actually seal.
  4. And here's where we are now. Needs to be higher in the front but I'm maxed out on short arms. Will have to move to Long Arms in the near future. Still lots of little stuff to do. Needs body work, but that's not my cup of tea. I have buddies for that. My main hangup is needing a driveshaft. Need to call around about having one made. Just measuring from the Tcase shaft to the yoke is about 82". I think ill be looking at a Two-piece with a carrier.
  5. Set the bed back on. Found a few bed mounts from and old brush truck we had at the Fire Dept. Those worked out well.
  6. Fish plates I made for the frame joints. I have a small CNC plasma. Very handy for stuff like this.
  7. Decided to go with the Bench Seat in the back. To make it work I had to add brackets to the frame and some extensions to the seat brackets. The original seat brackets hit dead on top of the new frame rails.
  8. Used the roof of the scrap Cherokee I had to make floors pans. Not my greatest work, but they're functional, and they'll never be seen again.
  9. Wanted it to be able to move on it's own again. Came up with a small crossmember to install the Cherokee tank. Made cut-outs for the filler neck and the pump hoses.
  10. Got tired of it sitting downhill in the shop. Changed out the front axle and suspension. The D30 that was under the Comanche I had rebuilt and regeared to 4:56's a few years ago. The '86 was a 2.8 and wouldn't get out of it's own way. At the time I thought gears might help, I was fairly young... But it should move great with the 4.0 now.
  11. I then moved on to making the doors work. Moved the striker to make it shut, not sure if that's the final iteration, but it worked at the time. I've seen this done a couple ways, but I opted to add to the Cherokee door to meet the cab.
  12. Thank You! It's getting close to the final stages. Still working on dumping the photos!
  13. I suppose I could've reskinned the whole roof, but I just patched it in from a scrap Cherokee I had.
  14. Pulled it outside after getting the axle in. Just a little high in the back eh?
  15. I used 2x4 tube trimmed down to make a new cab mount to the frame on both sides.
  16. I didn't get pictures of it, but I used 3x3 tube slid into the Cherokee to start out the new frame. Then set the cab on, and kept trimming the roof/rockers until I had an equal door gap at the back on each side.
  17. Hello everyone! It's been quite awhile. I used to browse years ago when I first got my Comanche. I drove it for several years and it got parked. I then noticed some bad frame rot one day when I was poking around it. I had originally intended to just redo the frame and put it back on the road. One thing led to another, I ended up with a Cherokee and decided to go crazy....
  18. I finally got a chance to go mess around with it today. I measured my factory and Iro's bracket. Measurements are from the flat plate that sits against the bottom of the frame. Factory bracket measures 4 3/4" to the upper holes. Iro measures 5 1/8". I called Iro and their bracket is correct, Jason said he went and measured one off the shelf. If I place a 3/8 plate for a shim between their bracket and the frame the bracket hits perfect. So I suppose I'll go this route.
  19. Thanks for all the ideas guys. I'll take all of them and study more on it when I get the chance. This has been a slow process lol.
  20. Thank you! Good to know, at least someone has had similar trouble. That was my plan to fix the problem, just wanted to make sure that idea would work lol.
  21. Hello everyone, I'm new around here as far as posting goes, but I've been lurking and learning a lot from you all! I'm currently in the middle of an SoA in the rear and doing a 5.5" lift in the front. I received my Iro Double-Shear Trackbar and bracket today. As I went to install the bracket I noticed the holes were about 1/4 to 3/8 above the holes in the uniframe. That is if the bottom bolts are tightened. Anyone ran into this before? My thoughts are to just drill new holes, unsure of how that's gonna change the geometry though. My Comanche is an '86 model if that's relavent to the issue.
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