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  1. Not sure honestly. I guess I could make some sort of filler piece covered with the same carpet. Interior stuff/vinyl and upholstery isn't my thing lol.
  2. Not sure what to do with the center section... can't really add much there due to the door mechanism. Guess I'll just add some small filler pieces and leave it like that.
  3. Between the cold and my side hustle, I haven't taken much time to work on the old girl. Took advantage of the wonderful weather today and pulled the bed off. For shiggles, I cut the rear coils down a bit. Then I took off the control arms one by one and powdercoated them, the color is close to what I imagine the final Jeep color will be.
  4. Thank You! And body work will commence once it decides to warm up. My shop isn't heated so have to wait for spring, unless I find somewhere to do it at. And as long as you're not too tall it seems fairly roomy in the back. Plenty of room for my son's carseat.
  5. I don't plan too. And we all started somewhere. I know when I first got this Comanche about 7 years ago I never would've attempted something like this! The guys here are a wealth of knowledge, and YouTube and Google can help you learn basics about anything.
  6. It's just a little big. My shop is 20x30. But the back 10' is taken up by a loft as well as my plasma and powder coating oven. The Manche takes the other 20'.
  7. Thanks! And I'll let you know. It might be awhile though. And it all starts with the first step. Get a grinder and go crazy.
  8. Thanks! I'm trying. And someone needs to build an Ext. Cab. When I posted this thing in some of the Comanche FB groups there were several people unimpressed at 4 doors. They just wanted 2 with some extra room.
  9. Oh it'll be fun going to the store in this thing. Taking up 2 parking spots and halfway in the road. And I hope to keep from getting a minivan. I hope I left enough room from my 2 year old to grow up in the back.
  10. I haven't gotten a chance to measure it yet. I'd like to know myself. The OAL is about 18 1/2 foot though.
  11. Thanks! I have caught some hate over it from some circles of the internet. (Not here though.)
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