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  1. Rear seatbelts installed finally. Ordered 6" brackets from Seatbelts Plus and mounted them into the seat brackets. It worked out pretty well. The buckles and lap belt were from the Cherokee.
  2. Added an outlet to the back of the console before putting the interior back in. Convenient for anyone in the back, but mostly to keep my son's tablet charged for entertainment.
  3. Pulled the interior back out since it's finally getting warm. Painted the floor and seam sealed everything. Put my sound insulation down, now to put it back together. Had a friend come over and do bodywork on the roof, not my cup of tea.
  4. Cut the hole for the filler door in the rear of the bed. Good thing... I set the bed back on and it ran out of gas.
  5. Face-lift and sorting out the tailight wiring. Used a trailer box to make the lights work correctly.
  6. So I found an easier way after I did all the work on one side. Mostly have the door sealing now. More work to do. It'll get there eventually....
  7. Boring stuff... Got one rocker put in the other day. And went to the JY to grab a set of 97+ mirrors and the caps for the grab handles.
  8. So I ran out of welding wire the other day... so I moved on to messing with other things till I got more. Redid the headliner, not perfect but it works. I tried to match the cab trim to the Cherokee fronts, but it was a little darker.
  9. So I'm too cheap to go buy 2x6 tube because I have a ton of these 2x4 tubes laying around the shop. So I made my own. Also bought all the clamps Tractor Supply had, they were on clearance for 6.50 or so a piece.
  10. Thanks!! And I'm not talented by any means. I'm just hacking it together with a wing and a prayer. It's not perfect by any means.
  11. Not sure honestly. I guess I could make some sort of filler piece covered with the same carpet. Interior stuff/vinyl and upholstery isn't my thing lol.
  12. Not sure what to do with the center section... can't really add much there due to the door mechanism. Guess I'll just add some small filler pieces and leave it like that.
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