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  1. Have you checked the brake light switch ? It's towards the top of the brake pedal with two wires going to it .



    yeah I have checked the switch because I didn't have lights once before at that was the cause of the problem. there was a wire disconnected. so a few days ago when I noticed I didn't have lights I pulled over and checked that right away. everything is all good on the switch as far as I can tell.

  2. I noticed a few days ago my brake lights have not been working for some reason. But I have taillights or running lights (whichever you prefer) and they are nice and bright. I have been over the sockets in the back before I had inspection a 6 months ago and cleaned them all up to make sure I was getting good connections. they worked really nice up until a few days ago. I only know they stopped working because I always check to make sure they work when I'm driving down the road. not sure why I do that but you never know what weird stuff happens in a Comanche. Anyway hopefully someone can point me in the right direction please.


  3. Be sure the flat 4 connector is secure and clean.  Have you taken out the sensor/switch and pressed the ball manually to see if the lights come on.  AFAIK the switch is not adjustable like the NSS on an automatic trans, so it either works or doesn't.  The best option is to replace the switch.  Don't remember how much they cost, but on a BA/10 I believe they are not expensive (at least not as spendy as an AX15 switch).  I know I have a working BA/10 switch that I put on my BA/10 a month before I swapped the trans for an AW4.  It's basically new.  If I can find it and you need it I'll mail it to you.  PM me and I'll look for it, Otherwise check your local NAPA for the part.

    thanks man. I appreciate the help. ill check in to the switch more.

  4. My 87 MJ project is almost ready for inspection but my reverse lights are not working. I have tried many things for it to work including changing the bulbs, checked the wire for damages, and checked connections from the switch and at the sockets. I am lost. If someone could point me in a direction that would help I would really appreciate it.

  5. Hey guys i just bought my 2nd MJ on thursday. it was in pretty rough shape. but I'm planning on getting it back to the beauty she should me.

    i just got a few questions 

    it needs a new steering column and doors and driver fender. i was wondering if i can get it all donated from an XJ around the same year. from what i can find i don't see why not and if any of you have done it before that would be great to hear some advice on the steering column.



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