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  1. To anyone reading this post ..the ground refreshing seems like a lot.. however once you do it you thru the process of elimination you under stand the remix system better and you learn what area of the system is giving issue.. I never held a volt ohm meter till this project came along ..once you read what cruiser 54 says about what numbers your looking for you simply read the meteres instructions and select the proper values of the range you want to read..the math is simple and it saves hundreds of dollars..thank you cruiser and everyone with knowledge of the renix

  2. I am ordering new cat, o2,map censor and replacing muffler..The tps still had consistant voltage and held it thru the opening and closing of the throttle range..So as soon as my parts show up i will install and give an update...Thank you guys for all the important info


    Not to sound to new to renix ..but what is a IAT censor?

  3. ok all renix reground and ohm testing complete ...The truck runs very smooth with a  small variation in idle..How much effect will a hole in muffler effect the overall run of the engine...The reason I ask is while standing in front of the truck it sounds amazing but if you go to the rear and listen to exhaust ryhthm there is seemingly a miss

  4. Ok so I just completed the ground check..The system shows a stable 00.6 even while wiggiling the harness next  to the valve cover. The truck is a 89 so theres no c101. i am going to check map censor and replace the slightly deformed vacum hose..Thank you for the help I'm new to renix and I must say it is a odd kind of nightmare :wall:

  5. I did not ohm test it ..I only volt tested and adjusted ..however after reading what you just wrote I went and inspected the vacum tube from map sensor..there is a small melted spot directly above the engine ground that I did replace ..I will get that vacuum hose replaced and hope that works..I will do a ground test before I even attempt to refire.. Thank you for the wisdom

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