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  1. I just did an OBD1 conversion on my MJ from a 93 XJ. I'd say the biggest change is the flywheel, be prepared to drop that transmission. It's easy work, but still a pain. Be sure to buy the shorter gear for the speedo as the electronic speedo pickup uses a different length. You've also got to weld on the bracket under the dash for the brake light switch to contact the pedal. I assume you have an adapted HO engine in your truck, otherwise there are a few engine sensors that won't work, such as the TPS and coolant temp/ air temp. Other than these things, it's a pretty straight forward swap. I'd also love to get my hands on that 92 fuel sender if you change your mind! haha
  2. It's a luck of the draw often times, too. My buddy has an 08 Tacoma 4.0 v6 with 130,000 very well looked after miles with a rod about to throw. Shortly after replacing faulty factory driveshaft U-joints. I like my Japanese cars, some of the best made in the modern world, but I think he just got unlucky.
  3. Reviving this old thread yet again. I need stock length rear shocks, I've looked these part numbers up and can't for the life of me find actual extended and compressed dimensions. Is there a bilstein shock for stock rears in our MJs?
  4. I'm having the same issue with the front of the JCR sliders being pushed out pretty far compared to the rear. Was there a solution found or is this how they are supposed to be? Odd design choice if so..
  5. $80 for 4.10 ratio D30 ring and pinion? I assume for high pinion. Someone jump on those
  6. The rag was just to contain the mess if it happened again. The high side quick connect doesnt actually blow off the nipple when it happens, it blows out around the o ring. I'm using an r12 to 134 conversion kit, and the high and low side ports from the r12 are just adapted to the 134a q/c. Ill see if I can't get a picture up a bit later.
  7. I've done an OBD1 HO conversion on my 88 MJ 4.0, and since the dash had to come out anyway, I added all the necessary A/C components. Stock routing for the 93 XJ it all came out of. Brand new components. I can get a vacuum on the system with no problem, -30 IN HG for hours without the needle moving. Oil was in the system, so I started the truck, turned the compressor on and it runs beautifully. I start adding my first can of R134a ( I did the R12 to 134 conversion) and about 30 seconds into adding the can the high side fitting ruptures and shoots freon and PAG everywhere. The system itself is fully intact, it was the high side quick disconnect that blew. I replaced the O-Ring in the fitting and tried it again. Same issue, this time with a rag around the fitting, that oil is some nasty stuff. Obviously the high side is building pressure, it seems too much. Ideas? Thanks
  8. PFCLeist

    pucker factor

    Rattlers, cottons, coppers, widows, recluses, even the occasional gator. It seems as though there is a mutual understanding out here, though. You could walk over a cotton mouth and if it's just relaxing, it won't even be phased, as long as you leave it alone.
  9. Learned alot from this guy over the years, glad to see him working on an MJ.
  10. It almost looks like a heat sync, to cool the air as it's venturied into the intake manifold. Thats ridiculous though, it probably has something to do with strength.
  11. Thanks, I thought the same thing when I got em. I'm really not a fan of those large light bars, they may be useful in come situations, but the majority of people I see with them have it as a status thing... Y'know, mall crawlers, mostly JKs. That wouldn't be a bad idea, but the paint is alot worse than it looks in the picture. Cracking and chipping paint from years of sun. When I took the fender flares off, I got a real glimpse of the original color of the truck. A really nice dark, glossy blue. I'd kill to have that color again, it would look fantastic.
  12. It's been awhile since I've updated this. Since last time I've upgraded to High Output everything, got new shoes for the old girl and plenty more to come. She's been collecting dust in my driveway the last couple years and I didn't like it. The donor: A 93 XJ My MJ and its birdnest: The flywheel change: Mostly put back together, fixing the cancer is for another day: Engine bay about finished up, and I added A/C: Getting her ready to be a semi daily again: Pretty stocky truck: She needs the floors fixed, the paint redone, a locker for the front, shocks, this that and the other. Still alot of work to do to her, but she is coming along. Feels good to work on a Jeep again.
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