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  1. I've noticed Wranglers tend to be more with insurance due to the nature of its marketing (y'know, offroading) and the fact you can remove doors and tops, which can also be easily stolen, or dropped and damaged, then make a claim as stolen. Same with the hood, batteries are easy to steal when you flip two paddles and take what ya want. HOWEVER, I have a 2020 Gladiator Rubicon and I'm paying half that in insurance, full coverage. I'd get that checked out.
  2. Your right, haha. I think I’ll leave them bare, though. I put rubber drain plugs on each side I’ve been using alot, and until i find this leak, ill leave em out
  3. The base was por 15, then a floor pan primer, and two coats of a spray on bedliner. for the underside by the exhaust I used a ceramic high temp coating. And thanks
  4. I did alot of research online about keeping vs eliminating, and found they weren’t really needed. The driver side was completely gone, and the passenger side was too far pitted to salvage. I just cut where the studs were and welded those sections back in.
  5. Some before and after shots of my recent floor repairs. What do you guys think?
  6. I'm sure it's coming. The JL got the diesel option a year or so before it was offered in the Gladiator. I'm more than willing to bet that 6.2 will be available in 2022 for the JT. And I'm also willing to bet the tow will be lower than the 3.6, just like the diesel option. Takes alot to cool those engines, apparently.
  7. Before and after images of my floor repair. I also installed JCR rock sliders. And put hockey pucks as my bump stops, they work well.
  8. This is an auto, the manual has a significantly lower tow rating. 8 speed auto helps i suppose over the 6 speed manual.
  9. Some underbelly shots. I didn’t know it had a fully boxed frame until looking under it. Very nice Thanks, haha
  10. PFCLeist

    SWB Roll Bar

    That's what I did. It's not a great photo, but you can see the box:
  11. Yep, a bit odd but understandable I suppose. I'm 6'5" however, and have no issue with the rear door OR legroom, it's incredibly roomy in the back.
  12. Yet another MJ JT size comparison for those curious.
  13. Not bad, I'm looking into buying a 3d printer myself. It'd be nice to just "make" any small part I need. I've seen them as high as $10K. $180 is the cheapest I've heard of, and it appears to do the job pretty well.
  14. Thanks, I ran the VIN, and even though it's a rubicon (less payload and tow) it's still rated for 7422lbs tow and 1300 payload. Not great on payload, the max tow allows 1700, but I assume it's because of the softer coils and fox shocks. I've towed 3200lbs with it on a damn near 30 degree incline at 60mph and it didn't skip a beat the whole way. Like I said, I'll write an abbreviated, yet interesting review in the near future. Anyone can look on youtube and get a generic review, I intend to take pictures of the axles, armor, actually have some numbers for you guys to compare. Despite popular be
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