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  2. An AX-15 swap, A/C install, cooling system reconfigure/rehab and other little things that come up, will be addressed after other projects in the garage are done in turn.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm Silvertwinkiehobo, and I'm a friend of Maveric...I signed on because I'll be helping him rehab his rig, to get it back on the road. We're only concentrating right now on fixing the fuel tank and pump, the clutch hydraulic system and getting tires on it, in order to pass TX state inspection and get it licensed.
  4. Pete M

    I'm back!

    howdy! how's the truck doing?
  5. But does it have enough torque for rock climbing with an MJ?
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  7. Maveric

    I'm back!

    After a several year hiatus (last i logged in was 2013 WOW!) I stumbled across my old stomping grounds! Hello everyone who may remember me with my 1988 Comanche Pioneer! It's been a long long road... If anyone remembers me, please say hello! we probably have a lot of catching up to do... Anyway I thought I'd drop back in and let you know I'm still alive! Now it's time to go catch up on what I missed for the last 6 years...
  8. If your state has emission testing and you drive on the street likely to need to pass inspection
  9. proper pilot bearing should be available from Advance Adapters about $40.00 if I remember right. If I were you get entire XJ so you have everything
  10. the link In my signature has some threads that cover the detsils.
  11. I'm sure you'll get differing opinions on this but I'm for putting it back. it does no harm and can jeep your truck from smelling like gas on a hot day. there's no need to stay with the original though, there are plenty in the junkyards designed to mount under the truck out of sight.
  12. What year was your Peugeot tranny? I have an 87 MJ 5 speed Peugeot and may be picking up a 95 XJ ax15 for it. Other than changing the pilot bearing, anything else I need to know?
  13. Yesterday
  14. The dissimilar metals between the steel and aluminum causes the aluminum to oxidize and sort of “weld” itself to the steel. Getting something to dissolve the aluminum oxide (and not trash the base aluminum or the steel parts) is going to be tough. Its for that reason I chose to drill out the corroded and siezed pivot pins.
  15. They’re just trim pieces. Problem is in 91 Chrysler switched over to a three piece set up. So you can either use the three piece of ask someone to snag those trim pieces from a junk yard Cherokee or Comanche from 84-90
  16. Looking for the tin trim that goes all the way around the grill and headlights. My truck has is all and I could get it straitened and repainted. But I'd really like to find a new chrome plated set. 1988 if it matters. Any ideas of sources? Part of my search difficulty is I don't even know the proper name to look for.
  17. just super glue some Popsicle sticks to the frame for reinforcement and call it good
  18. I am interested in finding out about this too. Mine is completely gone.
  19. I need a header for this truck? Where can I purchase one? Please advise!
  20. If you still need one, I have used extras. Cost of shipping.
  21. I will be making a trip from MO to WV at the end of the month and hitting junkyards all along the way. I can look out for a tank if you want one. You will want to pull the fender to install it. Unless you've had your fender flare off before, it's very common for the studs on the mount plates to break off and repair some sort of fabricated repair, or replacement. I don't remember the size, but it's helpful to have a hole saw to drill the hole in the inner fender for the filler neck.
  22. Did anyone come up with a solvent that freed the movement? I have the same issue with the same mirrors. Are new ones, with brackets, available?
  23. I like it! What are your long term plans for it? It looks like it has the 2.8 V6, is that correct?
  24. Sorry I meant 86 and of course I got pics for y’all. Thank you
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