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  2. Having never built one myself, but having messed around maintaining a bunch of variously questionable homebuilt trailers, I would guess that a custom frame would be more suited to the task. It would make it much easier to use “normal” off-the-shelf parts that you can find anywhere. It would make it easier to set up brakes with a normal trailer axle, and could easily be lighter than the original frame. That said it could also have been built to use just whatever was laying around, which, well… let’s just say I’ve spent far more time than I should have needed to trying to track down grease seals for spindles and hubs that haven’t been used since felt seals were all the rage. It’s also possible something else was going onto the truck the bed came off, making it impractical to remove portions of the truck’s frame.
  3. If you could post photos of them that would help identify their models and styles. There are quite a few variations for axles on the Comanches, and even more were offered thru the years of the Cherokees. The axles should have also come with tags that were on the bolts that hold the differential covers on. Sometimes they go missing. The tags will tell the gear ratio and other useful information. Photos of the tags will likely help your sale as well! All the best!
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  5. Oh man. That doesn’t sound fun at all, course they’re could’ve been something way worse to fix in the mud haha.
  6. Hey I have a front and rear axle for sale. As far as I know they complete. I don't know the hear ratio or if they came from a Cherokee or a Comanche. They came with a Comanche I bought. I had never sold axles like this and am wondering what a reasonable price would be for the pair and for each separate. With that being said don't give me low numbers because you want a set of axles for cheap. I'm thinking $150 each.
  7. Dang glad it wasnt too bad! Had some uppers bend into a similar shape one time at Tellico years ago. No fun fixing that in the cold @$$ mud haha.
  8. 500 MJ


    Purchased parts from this truck online. The VIN came on the receipt. Looks like the truck was parted out by Metro Auto Recyclers in Griffith IN.
  9. Here are some general pictures of what I found: 1 and 2 are both sides of the compressor, old, but in relatively good shape. 3 and 4 are the low pressure switch, with the two pins like you said. It all looks in good condition. I have see no reason to think that the system doesn't work, however the compressor never turns off like it should if it's low on freon, so I'm not sure what that would mean. Maybe the switch itself is bad/never triggering? One obvious sign is the stain on the hose coming out of the top of the receiver, which most likely needs to be replaced. All the hoses should probably be replaced when I convert anyway. Other than that, connections on all the hoses are solid. Any thoughts?
  10. Mystery solved! It's the foot off a friend's Yeti cooler.
  11. Great to meet some old and some new CC members. I can finally put faces to the signature names. Let’s plan again for next year.
  12. Either way will work fine. depends on what you want in the end. Full custom means you can tailor it to your needs.
  13. Looks like I'm heading back to the show for a bit tomorrow
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  15. Dang it. Well, I got most of them. I also missed another MJ.
  16. Crap, I didn't snap a pic of the mj trailer!
  17. Manche757


    Who admits to being trained by their dog? Feed me now. Let me out, let me in, let me out.
  18. Another vote for the TJ boot. Just used a couple self tapping screws and it was good to go. Got mine from Quadratec
  19. No worries I pulled in as the masses were leaving. Sure thing!
  20. Hopefully this one will be back on the road soon! I figure it’s been off of the road since the 90s. Soon, we will get back on this once the MJ is back on the road after my radiator debacle.
  21. Gotcha. Sorry I missed you, today was my only day here. Please send me some pics of it tomorrow if you think about it.
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