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  2. 115 miles on a dolly should be no problem but it's best to disconnect the drive shaft.
  3. Yes, AMC used to sell complete bodies "in the white" (unpainted). For grins and giggles, some os in the Javelin/AMX Club sat down one weekend with a parts book and tried to figure out what it would cost to buy everything from the factory and build our own AMX. At the time, IIRC, you could buy a new AMX for around $5,000. The cost to buy all the parts came to around $25,000.
  4. See those two sort of bronze colored hex head plugs on the back case half at the top of the photo above? Those are the drain and fill plugs. I would be wise to remove both and clean their threads before refilling.
  5. Perhaps. The one in my wife’s 2004 KJ is still a wiper across a thick film resistor trace, so that’s “old school” I will investigate what sort of sender my 2014JK uses....
  6. Nice so where should I look for this fill plug ?
  7. Hello everyone. I'm curious if anyone can tell me if I can use a dolly to tow a 1990 Comanche 115 miles home without damaging anything on the truck? Should I disconnect the driveshaft? Thanks
  8. Hard to come by, but looking for these items in good condition -- no cracks or holes. Thanks
  9. First three are charger, which 66 and 67 were the last years that used this system. Last picture is a 61/2 new yorker. All the needles are supposed to be lit. "The gauge faces and dials, comprised of electrical conducting laminents, glow when alternating (AC) current is applied. AC current is converted from the 12V DC supply of the car by a transistor oscillator (Power Pack) mounted on the forward dash frame under the glovebox. This power pack supplies 250 volts AC at 250 cycles per second (250 Hertz) from the 12V DC car current. All gauges are of the thermal type and operate on the 5V DC constant voltage principle. This is accomplished through the use of a voltage limiter connected in parallel with the gauges. Voltage limiters in all B Body MOPARS except thye 66/67 Charger are external plug in type. The 66/67 Charger Model uses a voltage limiter intergal with the Fuel Gauge." via internet http://www.imperialclub.com/Yr/1960/Panelescent/index.htm more reading about it
  10. Had to take some pics after doing the headlights swap. These morimoto hid projectors are awesome while driving.
  11. Just waiting for the vinyl cutters to reopen. We are closed by order of the governor until April 15th
  12. i prefer buckets so i can have a center console, but a bench just has a quality about it. maybe its just nostalgia but benches are cool, buckets are practical imo.
  13. I really don’t think I can juggle any more build up threads right now, so I am gong to toss in here a little bit of my other project. Besides, it doesn’t need much done to it to warrant its own thread. I am down to 4 jeeps from my previous 6 . I have a 84 CJ8 and an a 1982 Jamboree CJ7 in the garage and one has to go. So the scrambler won out as staying. Here is what I woke up to when I opened the garage-> Got the Scrambler pushed out and everything blocking the front of the Jamboree out of the way. Then I got a little side tracked and decided to quickly put the new fender flares on the Scrambler. It took more time to get these on then it did getting the motor out of the CJ7. They are a fantastic fit, so it was well worth it. The new Scrambler specific replacement flares-> Came with hardware-> The originals are toast-> Tada -> I really had a late start on the motor switch after getting these on. Only thing I need to get the 8 running is a sbc motor. Just going to use the one out of the CJ7. The self explanatory progress-> Get the engine hoist ready to go and the hydraulic ram is dead . Had to go to Harbor Freight to pick up a new one. Not happy about that, but got it up and running-> Probably would have been a better idea to have help, but I can’t get less than 6 feet from someone else 😷. Yeah pretty much on lock down here. Now it is 11pm and I got what I wanted to get accomplished for the day. I will be out there early in the morning to get the Scrambler put back together and work on organizing the garage
  14. I am trying to put air conditioning in an 87 MJ with 4.0. I have put an airbox from a 1993 XJ but the harnesses are not the same as the XJ. I have thought about adding separate wiring (homemade relays) but would like it to run though the ECM if possible? If anyone could share their experience and wiring schematic it would be appreciated. Also, I was wondering if the 6 wire plug before the heating harness is wired to the ecu? There are more wires going in then going into the 6 wire connected then to the old non-ac control. Would it be worth it to find a 1987-1988 XJ harness or can I get the 1993 wires to work? Than you for help, Scott
  15. Sounds like a plan but after I put it back together how am I suppose to fill it up with ATF fluid ?
  16. The old bushings came out way easier than I thought. Many people say it's not possible to remove the bushings without a press but I got all 4 out in around an hour with a hammer, chisel punch, drill, and a reciprocating saw. The big bushing was easier and only took about 10 mins, the small side took closer to a half hour each. Run the recip blade in the gap in the leaf spring to cup the outer collar, drill holes in the rubber, punch the center collar out, punch the rubber out, then punch the outer collar inward and out. I then used these wire wheels to clean up inside the bushing eyes. Just a veriety pack with like 10 sizes from Menards. Used a regular cup wire brush to clean the rest of the leaves. Two coats of primer on both sides. Will get paint tomorrow!
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