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  2. Ouch, I just got a shipping quote from UPS and it was 23.25. It has to be in a fairly big box because of its odd shape. I will check with the post office when I wake up this afternoon and see if they are cheaper.
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  4. HESCO makes one. I did buy one. Hornbrod I think had one on his MJ, and Go Jeep I think has one. I remember they had to put in a flow restrictor. So, I would not go that route. The WJ water pump will not fit. Or I should say the bolt pattern is a bit different. I think one extra bolt hole. One of the other bolt hole is off pattern. Also, I think it is reverse rotation. Try this and remove the fan shroud. I know others say you need it. But if it is interfering with the fan rotation, it might impede air flow. I had some issues and removed mine. The temps dropped. Also, then I would look at the motor mounts. If they are shot, then is the fan dragging on the shroud. Edit: did some web surfing. Motorad makes Hi-Flow Thermostats. PN 2000-195. Saw it on Rock Auto.
  5. Back on the road again after 18 months sitting against the curb.. this will be the summer she gets to the next level.. paint..? Bah. screw paint.
  6. I'm a diehard Mopar Man. My driveway is full of them. When it came time for my daughter to buy a quality used car we went with a KIA. For the money they are hands down some of the best cars you can buy. The factory warrant transfers to the second owner but caps at 60K vice the original 100k. Just another option for you to look into.
  7. I'll be in Seivervelle TN from the 1st-8th. I'm always down for a M&G with you.
  8. Have you looked at your '88 to see if the wiring for AC is present or are you just assuming that it is not? AC relay should be present (wiring). Clutch wire should be there. AC pressure switch terminal should be there. As far as I know that's about it.
  9. I figured I'd take the whole thing and get rid of the c101 too.
  10. To back up AZJeff, I can say that I have rarely seen my truck climb over 212. I have seen it get to 220 but that was on a freeway drive and it stayed like that until I returned home. Course it’s the 2.5L and I drive mostly surface streets home but I never see the gauge go over 210. And I don’t even have AC at all but I have never had a overheat issue except for the time my head gasket was bad. That was the only overheating issue I ever had.
  11. I got my 18lb cap on Rock Auto. Or you can buy a Mopar. Either way, it’s obvious the Jeep engineers realized the 4.0 was going to run hotter than the average engine, and bumped the cooling system pressure to delay possible coolant boiling issues. The 18 lb is needed in hot climates.
  12. If an MJ is equipped with all the original type parts (OEM or equivalent), and they are all in LIKE NEW condition, there is no reason for a 4.0 to overheat in normal use, even with AC on, and even in places like where I live, Phoenix. Hood vents, dual electric fans, and other suggestions will make a BIT of improvement, but should NOT be needed to meet normal cooling needs. If an MJ/XJ 4.0 is consistently overheating, it is ALWAYS traceable to missing parts (fan or shroud) or worn parts (fan clutch, radiator, thermostat, etc.)
  13. Water pumps are all the same, in terms of performance, except for some of those super expensive, fully machined ones. The only difference between a Mopar and some cheesy AutoZone pump will be in bearing life, NOT in pump flow.
  14. Dzimm

    Home Electrical issue

    Yeah I've got 5 spaces left as of now. The bottom right breaker was in just to fill a void in the panel cover so I used it for the microwave. One of the 220s isn't actually used (I still need to figure out which one) so taking that out will make 7 available. If I use 2 for the crawlspace and 2 more to split up the upstairs, I will have 3 spots left. Should be enough for our needs in this house for as long as we own it, I hope. If not I can add a sub panel or use split breakers if the panel accepts them. This panel was just put in shortly before we bought it so I don't really want to replace it already.
  15. Echo the previous posts. A $4-5K budget and patience will get you clean, straight truck to make your own. Might not include your cost to transport. You might start shopping here >> https://comancheclub.com/topic/58803-the-good-the-bad-and-the-rusty-061719-cl-list/ Best of luck!
  16. Pete M


    me too. 'tis a fun toy.
  17. do not use a lower temp thermostat. the t-stat is for quickly heating up the engine and once it's open, it's open and does not affect cooling.
  18. Eagle

    Home Electrical issue

    Looking at the photos again, it looks like your breaker panel is filled to capacity. If you're going to add lights and permanent power for a sump pump in the crawlspace, I would suggest that they be on their own circuits. (Especially the sump pump.) There is a critter sometimes called a "split breaker," which occupies one space in the panel but is actually two breakers, controlling two independent circuits. They are useful for sneaking in one or two additional circuits, as a less expensive option than replacing the breaker panel with a larger one, or adding a sub-panel. BUT ... not all breaker panels are listed for use with split breakers, so that's another thing to discuss with the electrician when he's there. https://www.thespruce.com/tandem-breakers-1152736 https://www.oneprojectcloser.com/tandem-aka-split-or-double-breakers-for-a-full-breaker-panel/ http://www.startribune.com/how-to-know-when-tandem-circuit-breakers-can-be-used-aka-cheater-breakers/140688183/ Try to anticipate your future wants and needs now. If you're tinkering with the whole house, now is the time to at least provide for some future expansion if you think you'll need it. Whatever you think you'll need probably won't be enough anyway. My house was built in 1950 with a fuse panel. Somewhere around 1998 (or so) that started creating a lot of problems, so I replaced it with a new breaker panel that had several more spaces than the old panel had fuses. Then I used up all the extra spaces, and added a sub-panel with eight more spaces. And now I only have two of those left, and I need to add a dedicated generator circuit, so I wish I had either used a bigger main panel, or a bigger sub-panel. I may replace the sub-panel at some point -- not sure what my plans are. (The sticky wicket is that to go from an 8-space panel to a 12-space panel will mean a VERY big jump in the size of the enclosure, and I don't think it will fit the space available for it.
  19. WJ pumps are said to be more efficient, also if works ok in the highway and gets hot in traffic then you have an airflow problem, more likely your mechanical fan, lets say the fanclutch is useful to waste less HP at low temps but it not so good to cool the radiator at high temps, there´s always some slippage even if the fanclutch is new and working. - add some hood louvers, draining any hot air out the hood helps a lot - try a lower temp thermostat - ditch the ,mechanical fan, go full electric fans, i recommend using 2 hi speed taurus ones, (the taurus has 2, main and aux, main pulls more air than aux, get 2 main fans) - give the tranny its own cooler and don´t put it in front of the radiator geez... - it may sound stupid but, have you cleaned the condenser and radiator? dirt can cripple a radiator and last but not least, if you run the AC at max all the time while driving in a hot enviroment and stopped at a red light, the engine is very likely to get a little hotter than usual...
  20. Check the other end of that harness, there's a change in the connectors sometime around there, they went away from the GM Weatherpacks to Chrysler connectors. It's obvious if it's a problem.
  21. FrankTheDog


    I’ve seen the Shockwave at the Airshow at the Westover AF reserve base in Chicopee Mass. I have also seen Bob Motz in the truck he had before it burned up in 2007. 185 mph in a Peterbuilt driven by an F4 Phantom engine. Way cooler than 3 helicopter turbines.
  22. rylee144

    2.5Litre AC

    Maybe. guy is pulling his 2.5. I asked him to check for stuff. He has the whole motor for 100 and tranny I think. What would you offer him? Shipping may not be cheap.
  23. Great so I can just slap the 89 engine side in there and I'm good to go? Yeah just like this
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